Warla and Marcas go on an adventure

Today was a big day at Chateau Beattie. Why do you ask? Well, last weekend Warren went back to the Trek store and brought home two new additions to our household. We had ordered Trek Marlin 29ers and they arrived last week but today was the day we got to venture out on them.

Since I name my bikes I needed to come up with one for this bike and decided on Mar. I have a friend named Marlin so I didn’t want to stick with the full name so decided to just shorten it. Warren doesn’t name his bikes but I wanted it to have a name so I call it Cas. How did I come up with that name? Well, on his bike jersey he was wearing today it said Cascades so I just decided to shorten it.

As we were riding along I was thinking about my blog post and what I would title it…and above is what I came up with. For those of you who could be reading my blog for the first time and wonder what Warla means it is just Warren and Kyla put together. We have friends who call us that and that is how I came up with the name Marcas.

Guy and a Trek Marlin Bike
Warren and Cas

Our first stop was the Trek store. We thought there had been in issue with the fork on Mar but came to find out that it was all good. I told the guy who helped us that it was like when you go to the doctor cause you have something hurting and then you get there and whatever was hurting before doesn’t hurt anymore. He just laughed.

We left the store and we were both hungry. We could have made our way back home but I told Warren that I wanted to stay out riding because we didn’t have anything we needed to be home for. He was ok with that but needed food. We headed La Taquisa for lunch. We had seen it in Westside Village a few weeks ago so decided to try it. We split tacos and a burrito. We enjoyed all the food but we weren’t a fan of the fish taco.

We got back on our bikes feeling ready for more adventures on Marcas. We decided to head back to the Galloping Goose towards Lochside Trail. It was fun being on a different kind of bike and experiencing a new way of riding. Both of us by the time we got close to being home were tired. It was good for us though and we enjoyed ourselves. In total we rode 40k for our first big adventure.

Girl with a bike
Me with Mar

I feel more confident on Mar than I do Lily, my road bike. I think it is because Lily has thinner tires and I worry a bit more that my tires will go out from under me when turning a corner or going fast on a downhill. I probably feel that way though because I have slipped on black ice when going around a corner. I know though my confidence will get better as I get out and ride on her more.

I look forward to feeling more comfortable on Mar and hopefully hitting some trails and doing a little downhill riding. I won’t be venturing out on some crazy downhills but just something fun enough to make my stomach do flip-flops and get a bit of a rush. Right now just going over a curb is a rush for me.

Do you have a mountain bike? Where do you go? What makes your stomach do flip-flops?


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