Random Friday smiles

This morning I went off on a ride on Lily around the Happy Valley loop. I just wanted to be outside enjoying the fresh air and the warm summer morning. I wish it could be summer all year round.

When I left the house and headed down Goldstream Ave I could see that the sunrise was going to be a beautiful one. I was smiling big already and was on the chase to see it.

As I went down Whale Road I found it. That ‘ahhhh’ moment for me.

Sunrise over Mt. Baker
Sunrise over Mt. Baker

Here are some random reasons why I smiled this morning:

  • When I go for a ride on Lily I always start singing Donkey Riding by Great Big Sea. I also used to put on my status line…’Off donkey riding’ and my friend Krista was never sure what it was that I was talking about. So, now I also think of her.
  • The sunrise and all the beauty it brings to the morning. I love how it shines through the trees or how it reflects on the side of a hill makes the whole hill bright.
  • The smell of fresh-cut hay and how it reminds me of growing up on a farm with my Nan and Grampy.
  • Thoughts of my friend Margot and the fun rides we would take along that loop and also the one time we went and she got hurt. The last part didn’t make me smile…but thankfully she didn’t get hurt too badly.
  • Just being on my bike, enjoying the morning and the fact that I am healthy.
  • Thoughts of my friend Grace when I rode by where she and I used to do workouts by the water and the hills we used to climb when our bodies were too sore from working out that walking was our best option.
  • And last…coming home to a hot cup of coffee and breakfast.
Beautiful Mountains
Beautiful Mountains
My ahhhh moment

What are some reasons that make you smile today?

Enjoy your weekend peeps!


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