Sunrise, the smell of the ocean and running

Thursday morning we were up at 4am because Warren had to meet the guys he was driving to Calgary with at 5:30am. I dropped him off on Bewdley Avenue in Esquimalt and then headed to Equimalt Road. I had left the house dressed for a run because what else does one to before getting ready to go to work at 8am?

I had thought about running along Dallas Road but then remembered that the Songhees Parkway was close by. Warren had taken me there once to run but it had been some time ago so it was time to explore it again.

As I was driving to park the car I could see the sun rising between the buildings and it was beautiful. I never tire of seeing a sunrise. They are always so wonderful to me and make me smile. If only they lasted longer and you could bottle them up for a rainy day. Sun shining through the buildings

When I left the car I didn’t really know where I was going to run. I wasn’t really certain where I could connect with the parkway but I figured with some exploring I would find it. That is the fun of running somewhere new.

Not far down the road I found a side street that took me to it. I ran down a flight of stairs and there it was…the smell of the ocean, the cranes getting their breakfast, the sun brightening up the other side of the harbor and the pathway I was going to run. Perfection.

I ran towards the Delta Hotel, crossed the Blue Bridge to Wharf Street and then went up Belleville Street to Douglas Street. I had thought about turning back a half hour into my run and return the same way but I am not a fan of out and back routes so I kept running to Bay Street. The streets are quiet that early in the morning and it is my favorite time to be out.

Songhees Parkway
View while running on the Songhees Parkway

I ran down Bay Street to Tyee and then back to the Delta to get back on the path. As I got back on the path there were more people up now and walking their dogs which was nice to see. A perfect way for them to start their morning I am sure.

While running I was thinking about how much I enjoy running in a new place and how driving to get to a new path would be worth it once and awhile. I could have come back home Thursday morning and ran in the area that I know but changing up my routine was nice. I saw new things and challenged my body by running in a new area. In total I had run 10k and the 55 minutes flew by.

Do you enjoy running the same route or do you like to change things up?


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