Monday night fun on Mount McDonald

Way up
Amanda using the ropes to get up the trail

This morning I messaged Amanda to see if she wanted to go hike Mount McDonald after work today. I had told her about Warren and I hiking it a few weeks ago and she said she had wanted to go with me sometime. So, even though it was short notice she was game to go.

I picked her up at 6:30pm and we headed to Humpback Road but I went from Sooke Road to get there. I have never driven to Mount. McDonald that way so I didn’t know exactly where the three rocks and the CRD sign were from that direction. I was looking for those two things because they are what identify the trail head. Warren had told me that it was quicker to go from Sooke Road so I figured I would take us the ‘quicker’ way. Well, it wasn’t for us because I wasn’t sure where the entrance was so we had to search. I have already made the mental note to come to Humpback Road by going past Mount Wells Park…the way I know.

We got on the trail and were good to go. I lead the way up and we made it to the top in 29 minutes. We took time to enjoy the view and our surroundings on the way up and we both feel very lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

As we started back down we were still chatting and Amanda had told me to lead the way since I knew where to go. Well, it seems I didn’t know where to go because I came to a part in the trail that I didn’t remember going through before. It looked like someone had gone that way but it wasn’t a way that I had ever gone. I stopped us and said that we had to go back. So, we turned back and looked for where I must have veered the wrong way but we couldn’t find it.

The cliff
The cliff

In the far distance we could see an orange marker so Amanda said let’s make our way to it. Then what I was wondering? We came to some rocks and a bit of a cliff. Below us we could see a trail that looked like what we should be on but there wasn’t an easy way for us to get to it. We made our way along the cliff like area to where we could get down easier. The way that we would have liked to have gone, which was shorter would have resulted in a bad situation I am almost certain. So, longer way it was.

Orange markers
The wonderful orange markers that helped us down.

We just kept following the orange markers and even though it wasn’t the way we came up Amanda lead us to the bottom. I am happy that she found those markers and that she was with me. I have always wanted to explore a mountain like that though and just see what was on it and go off the beaten track. Just not sure that if it should have been this evening without food or water with us. We did have a few hours left of day light, we both had phones and we were together so I knew we would be good.

I did apologize to Amanda for getting us lost and hoped that she would hike with me again and thankfully she said that she would. I am still not sure what happened that I got us off the trail? I know it has become a bit more over grown since I was last on it but I didn’t think it was as much as it was.

Either way we got home safely and we now have a funny story to tell Ryder, her son when he gets older. I joked with Amanda saying that she will make sure Ryder has a compass and all important contact numbers with him when he goes out on adventures with Auntie Kyla.

Have you ever gotten lost on a hike? Were you solo when it happened or did you have a friend to help guide you back?

Amanda and Kyla
Amanda and I at the top of the mountain

4 thoughts on “Monday night fun on Mount McDonald

  1. ha! It was great fun and I loved getting outside on a Monday evening to hike a beautiful part of our island πŸ™‚


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