5070 or 507 stories

Trail entrance to the stairs
Trail entrance to the stairs

This week I have been thinking about the stairs on Veteran’s Memorial Parkway and how I wanted to do them since it had been some time. I needed to drive to work because I had an appointment this afternoon so it was the perfect day for me to go. It was also a perfect weather wise too so it was a win win situation.

I left the house around 5:45am and arrived at the trail that leads to the stairs about 10 minutes later. I had an hour and twenty minutes set on my watch because that would give me enough time to get a workout in and then head to Royal Roads where I would get ready at the gym.

15 stones to mark progress
15 stones to mark progress

I had a playlist on my iPod that I was ready to groove to, some water, the sun was shining and my trail shoes were laced and ready to move. I set out 15 stones on the log beside the bottom of the stairs so when I came back down I could remove a stone and keep track of how many I had done.

Stairs going up
Stairs going up
View of the stairs looking down from the top
View of the stairs looking down from the top

I decided that I was going to do 15 sets of stair repeats. There are 169 steps in one direction so 338 steps in total for one up and down. My first set I walked up. I wanted to get myself warmed up and see how my legs felt. I was thinking they might be tired from my two workouts on Monday and the GutBuster on Sunday but to my surprise they were good. The next set I ran up to a little over half way There is a large rock that the left of the stairs that we use as a marker as a point to get to sometimes. I then walked to the top and ran down.

I continued on changing up each set or even repeating a set later on in the workout. My 15 stair repeats consisted of:

  • Running side step up the stairs and changing directions as I went along to get to the top.
  • Walking 10 stairs and then doing 10 squats. In total I did 150 to get to the top.
  • Using a 10-12lb rock (as seen in my picture) to carry it over my head with my arms straight until the ‘rock’ and then carrying the rock out from my body to the top.
  • Running 20 stairs and then doing 10 push ups, then 20 stairs and 10 tricep dips to the top.
  • Walking the stairs and raising my knees towards my chest and keeping my core contracted until the ‘rock’ and walking to the top with the rock. Then I ran the path to the gate and back to the stairs.
  • Walking the stairs and holding the rock on front of me and bringing my knees to the side and keeping my core contracted until the ‘rock’.
  • Walked the stairs just on my tip toes all the way to the top.
  • Running the full set of stairs.
  • Walking the full set of stairs.

Mid way through the sweat was dipping off me and I was feeling amazing. At one point I stopped for water and my legs were shaking. I loved the feeling and as I worked out I thought about how energized I get from warm summer mornings.

This morning  I felt like I was in my own little secret hideaway away from the world because I didn’t see anyone else. It was just me and the sun, the stairs and my tunes.

Me and my rock
Me and my rock…done for another day!

I finished my workout in 1 hour 10 mins as I walked to the car my legs felt like Jello. I had a successful workout and felt on top of the world and ready to start my day.

In total I climbed in one way or another 5070 stairs or Jamie let me know…507 stories. Phew!

Do you have a set of stairs that you love to climb? What is your magic number for stair repeats?


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