Reconnecting from East coast to West coast

Sandi and Wayne

Last night I got to reconnect with my friend Sandi and her husband Wayne who were visiting Victoria from Halifax, NS. I was so excited because it had been three years since I had last seen them.

In 2006 I believe it was, I met Sandi through Samantha who was a coworker of mine. Samantha used to meet Sandi and Jackie for runs and I was just getting into running so I started to tag along with them. We typically had weekly run dates and we were motivation for each other. At the time we were more fair weather runners; if it was too hot or rainy we didn’t always go but sometimes those run dates turned into dinner dates.

We started celebrating birthday’s together or when big events happened in our lives. We also would just have fun only girls nights as well. We all had a love of food so typically for these things we would base it around food and try new places and new types of foods. I was introduced to Lebanese, Thai and Ethiopian which I had never had before and now love all of them.

So, last night once I finished work I headed to the Empress Hotel where Sandi and Wayne were staying. I parked the car and was just getting out of the car when I saw them.  I ran over and gave Sandi a great big hug. It was so nice to see her and she looked great. I then gave Wayne a hug as well and we headed to the car.

Sandi and I

We had dinner reservations for 6:00pm at the Oak Bay Marina Restaurant but first I was taking them to the CFB Esquimalt Military Base. Wayne had been there for a few months on a course when he was younger and he wanted to see what it was like now and just reminisce. We wander the base a little and he talked about the things that he used to do.

Grilled Double Thick Pork Chop, butter roasted fingerlings, grilled endive, pear and rosemary compote

After we left the base I took them for a drive along Dallas Road and Beach Drive because you can see the mountains on a clear day and it is a beautiful drive along the water. The houses along the way are great to admire too and Sandi just loved them. We arrived at the restaurant right on time and we were seated at a table next to the window. We each ordered appetizers and main dishes and all were very good.

What I loved about last night was from the moment we met until the moment we parted ways we didn’t stop talking. It was like we had just seen each other last week and you would have never known it was three years ago. You meet many people in life and it is rare that you can find friends who you can pick up where you left off. I am so very happy to have both of them in my life and they are true friends.

Our love for running brought us together and we both still have a love for it now. I am happy for that.

Thank you for being such great friends Sandi and Wayne. Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

Have you made great friends through something you love to do?



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