DSB GutBuster

When asked by friends last week what I would be doing on the weekend I would tell them that I was going to go for a hike/run adventure on Saturday. I didn’t have a set place in mind but I was going exploring.

Start and finish time on my Garmin
Start time and length of workout on my Garmin

Well, yesterday I did my own version of a GutBuster race but with only me taking part. I left my house as you can see at 7:26am but before I left I had text Warren an idea of where I was going to go. I had my camel pack with water, some trail mix and my iPod. I was looking forward to enjoying the morning. I had 3:30 minutes set on my Garmin and I was ready for an adventure.

Sign on Bear Mountain to lead you to Fin
Sign on Bear Mountain to lead you to Fin

I headed up Millstream Road to Bear Mountain and once I reached the top I headed to the trail that takes you to the mid-way up point of Mt. Finlayson. Mt. Finalyson Madness was taking place so when I arrived at the at the top there were two ladies who were marking the hikers numbers down as they reached the top. I ended up seeing the lady who won, make her first trip up and found out later that she beat the last record set back in 2011 I believe it was.

Path to take to you Finlayson Arm Road
Path to take to you Finlayson Arm Road

I had some water and then started running down the back side of Finlayson and was headed towards Finlayson Arm Road. I knew at the end I could go right and head back to Millstream Road or I could go left and head towards Goldstream Park and the Trestle. I thought about it as I ran and decided on going left as I arrived at the end of the trail because I knew the route would be longer. It was a beautiful morning and I had only ran 1:31 so far and I was still feeling good. As I made my way down the road I was happy I wore my sneakers and not my trail shoes because they are softer for landing.

Once I arrived at the entrance to Goldstream Park I made my way to the right  and up the highway to the Trestle trail entrance. As I crossed the trail I then saw that there was a tunnel that went under the highway that I could have used instead. Oops. Note to self for the next time.

Destination achieved...arrived at the Trestle
Destination achieved…arrived at the Trestle
Railroad tracks to home
Railroad tracks to home

I could see two guys climbing towards the Trestle as I started up the trail. I made it my mission to pass them before they reached the top and I succeeded. I like to challenge myself even when I am not racing and it is good to push myself. Once I reached the top I had some water and ate some of the trail mix as I walked the railroad tracks. I needed to refuel quickly and I was off running again.

I was still feeling good and my music was motivating me. I loved that I could sign along to my iPod as I ran and no one could hear me. It didn’t matter that I was off-key and moving my hands to the music as I went along. It was just me and the great outdoors.

As I got closer to Humpback Road I could feel my legs starting to get more tired because of running on the railroad tracks. I still had about 5 or so kilometers though until I was home. Once I reached Humpback Road I ran down the hill but then decided to do a walk/run.

As I approached the highway and came to Goldstream I still walking and running and as I came to the small rolling hill on Goldstream I decided that it was big enough that I would just continue to walk to home. My legs were feeling heavy even though the rest of my body was raring and ready to go.

I arrived home 3:12:49 after I left and went 23.84km. I felt good and was hungry. I grabbed some food, showered, put on my swimsuit, grabbed my book and blanket and headed to Thetis Lake. I deserved an afternoon relaxing and getting sun-kissed.

Me at the top of Mt. Finlayson
Me at the top of Mt. Finlayson 

I felt alive and the sad mood that I had felt on Friday had passed. I was so happy for my adventure and that the day was nice enough for me to do it.

Overall I had an amazing weekend that started with this hike and just got better from there. I spent time with an old friend doing something new to me, to more time in the sun on a trampoline getting to know a new friend better, to spending time with my nephews and their Mom’s and finally but not last…to spending time with me.

How did you spend your weekend?


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