Exploring a new trail with new friends

The girls on the tracks
Girls on the right side of the tracks

Today is my flex day from work and it is a beautiful, warm day in Victoria. I knew earlier in the week that I was going to want to be outside enjoying it so I made plans with three people from my run club group to do a trail run that was new to both myself and Beth.

I left my house about 9:20am and we were meeting at 9:45am at the Goldstream ProvincialIMG_20130719_112005 Park Campground. I didn’t have the car today so I was running to our meeting spot and I thought I would be able to get there in time. As got closer I realized that I was going to be a bit late but not long after I saw Tyler and Debbie in a car going by. They pulled over and picked me up. I was happy for that because I wasn’t exactly sure where I was supposed to meet them in the park since I had never been there before. Beth had already arrived and after some chat we headed off to the trail head.

Debbie and Tyler had done the trail before so we went in the direction they said to go. They had mentioned that they both had got lost before and I said that was OK because I didn’t have anywhere I needed to be and it was a great day to be out.

We entered the trail off to the right of the gatehouse and went through a couple of camping sites. It was a shaded trail for the most part and the sun shining through the trees was beautiful. We did meet two couples on the trail but other than that we had it all to ourselves.

You climb up, up and a bit more up before you start to level out. Once you think you don’t have to climb anymore, you turn a corner and there is a bit more of a climb. They are more long, easier hills than ones that are straight up and steep. Don’t get me wrong…they were hard enough that I needed to walk sometimes.

Mine Shafts sign

As we got closer to the trestle we came across some old mining shafts. Debbie said that you used to be able to go into them but now they won’t allow you. I didn’t even know there were mining shafts around the area. Guess that now clarify’s to me why it is called Goldstream.

Beth, Tyler and Debbie at the top of the Trestle
Beth, Tyler and Debbie at the top of the Trestle

Our destination was the Trestle. I had run there last Saturday but went a different way so today it was nice to go on a new trail and also go with friends. I don’t mind solo running but it is always nice to have conversations and get to know people who have the same love of running and exploring as you do.

We reached the top and we walked across the railroad track to look at the view of Mt. Finlayson in the distance. We had a short break and headed back down the trail to the parking lot.

In total we went 8k and it was a great run and I look forward to more trail running with them. After the run they decided to take a dip in the river and I ran home. In total with my run there and back was 18.5k. I was starting to get tired though closer to home so instead of running forwards up the hills on Goldstream Avenue; I ran up them backwards to change the motion and challenge myself. I found it worked and when I turned to run forwards again I didn’t feel as tired. Have you ever done that on your run?

How did you start your morning? Have you found any new trails you like?


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