Sunday Sundae Cruise

This morning Warren and I were a bit slow getting out of the house to do something active. We were up at our regular time but spent the morning tidying and doing errands. We both wanted to be outside enjoying the sun but we were getting  hangry and were also tired feeling.

Yummy sani's from the Red Barn
Yummy sani’s from the Red Barn

So, between us we came up with a plan. I suggested that we ride Mar and Cas (our mountain bikes) to the Red Barn Market on Latvia Walk and have sani’s. Warren then suggested that we ride along the Galloping Goose towards Matheson Lake. I was game and just wanted to be in the sun. While we were headed to the Red Barn we saw a bunch of old cars going by and I remembered that the Northwest Deuce Days were taking place downtown. I know Warren is a fan of old cars so I made the suggestion that we go to that. We finished our delicious sani’s and headed to downtown. We had fuel to move us even if it wasn’t very fast.

Liked the color of this car
Liked the color of this car

We arrived on Wharf Street and there were lots of people everywhere. The road was blocked off near the Visitor’s Center and as you rounded the corner towards the Empress Hotel, all you could see were cars and people in all directions. The streets were full and it was really great to see. The Busker Festival was also happening so there were more people around the inner harbor listening to the shows the performers were putting on.

My cruise partner
My cruise partner

We walked Mar and Cas beside us as we looked at the cars and took in all the sights and sounds. It was a beautiful day and we didn’t have to be back home for anything so there wasn’t any rush. We came to the end of the cars that were parked on Belleville Street and decided we would ride our bikes to get us back to the Legislative building where more cars were parked. As we rode along though I saw someone with ice cream and I told Warren to go right instead of left on one of the streets we were approaching. He followed directions and I found out after that we both were thinking about going to the Beacon Drive-In for ice cream. Great minds think alike.

Once we got our sundae’s we headed over to Beacon Hill Park across the street and sat on the grass. We just chilled while we people watched and enjoy our ice cream. Once we finished we figured it was time to head back home because we were both tired.

Today was a great day and easy-going. We were like some of those cars we saw…we were designed to cruise.

What kind of Sunday did you have?

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