Energizing Friday morning

This morning I met Ann for a run around Thetis Lake and McKenzie Creek trail.

It was the first time Ann and I had run together but we met at a GutBuster race at Mt. Tzouhalem in June.  At the GutBuster we figured out that she was our cats veterinarian…small world. We messaged back and forth last night to set up plans for the run. I had only known upper and lower Thetis to run even though I have seen signs for other trails around the lake but didn’t know where they went. Ann let me know she knew of a run that we could do that would be roughly 50 minutes and I was game. I love exploring but going solo for me isn’t always the best because I don’t have the best sense of direction…even with a map.

We met a little after 6:00am and made our way up the hill from the overflow parking area and hit the trail. When we started Ann asked if I had a goal for my run? Was I looking to go a certain pace or achieve something? I said no and I just need to do something active each day and this was it. She was good with that and as we ran along we got to learn more about each other and time passed. As we went by different trails that branched in other directions she would let me know where they would come out. It was good to know and I want to go back and check them out on another day.

Friday love
Friday love
Picture from: http://doblelol.com/3/tired-funny-sayings.htm

The trail started to narrow and it soon became single track and I took the lead for a bit and then let Ann lead. She knew where she was going and is quicker on the downhill so she could cruise. I followed along not far behind her and was enjoying the run. The trail started to get a bit over grown so it made it tricky to figure out footing and ended up being a ‘hope’ for the best type case at some points. At one point along the way I did take a tumble but shook it off and away I went.

We were 50 minutes into the run when we came back out on the trail that was part of Upper Thetis. I had to get back to the car because Warren needed to use it to get to work and I also needed to get me ready for work. It was a great run and I enjoyed getting to know Ann and also running in a new place.

We joked at the end of our run about doing downhill repeats of trail hills so we could get better. Maybe one day that will be  a workout we do?

After I got home I felt energized and ready to start my day. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start my Friday morning…well unless I could have stayed out and played in the sun all day.

How did you start your morning?


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