Trail run, cinnamon bun and sun

This morning Warren and I headed to Ladysmith to run part of the GutBuster that I had run a few weeks ago starting at Transfer Beach Park.

It was a another great morning to be out and since he had never run this trail before I was looking forward to running it with him.

I parked the car at Transfer Beach Park and we headed through the parking lot and through the tunnel that goes under the highway. After we ran the big hill to get to the trail Warren saw the cars parked at the trail head and said “We could have started here and not ran the hill?!” I said “Yes, but then you wouldn’t get to experience part of the run that was hard.” He just laughed.

We started on the trail and enjoyed the views of the sun shining through the trees and on to the creek running beside the trail.


We ran up and down and around. We met a few people on the trail but not many. I startled one guy as I let him know I was passing to the left.

We reached the 5k mark of the trail and we ran up the logging road for another 2k. Warren was feeling a bit tired and hungry so we turned around and headed back. We past the 5k mark again and that meant there was roughly 4k left to run.

Our plan after the run was to enjoy a cinnamon bun from Old Town Bakery. We had stumbled upon this bakery a few years ago when we came to wander Ladysmith. We hadn’t been back but have talked about the buns many times.


Today Warren got a chocolate pecan bun and I got a bun with peanut butter cream cheese icing on it. Both were delish. We run to eat we say sometimes to people.

After our treat we headed back to the park to change into our swimsuits and flake out for the afternoon.


Perfect Saturday doing things together and things we both love.

How was your Saturday spent?


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