Knowing me

Today was my first day back to work after being on a ‘staycation’ last week. I had spent the weekend in Sproat Lake on a girls weekend and really enjoyed myself. It was two late nights, well for me and I was also sleeping on a boat so I didn’t get the best sleep. I had told myself before I went to bed that I would allow myself to sleep as long as I could and that I would exercise after work.

Before I went to bed I thought about riding Lily to work and then just go ride straight from work. I then re thought about that and realized that I didn’t want to ride with a small backpack on my back with my empty Tupperware dishes and work clothes in it. So, I then changed my mind. What would I do? I went to bed uncertain but knew I would do something.

New trail shoes
My new trail shoes…love em!

When I woke this morning I realized what I was going to do. I was going to take my running clothes and my new trail shoes to work and I was going to run the trails around Royal Roads University. I packed my clothes and lunch in my backpack and put my shoes in Huli’s basket. I don’t live very far from Royal Roads so I could have gone home and then ran from there so why did I take my stuff to work?

Well, because I know me. I know that if I would have gone home, seen Warren and smelled supper cooking than I wouldn’t have left the house. I would have then been disappointed that I had wasted a sunny day by staying inside. I would have also been upset with myself that I had not done some form of exercise that would make me feel good.

So, 4:30pm came and I was changed into my running stuff when I left the office. I put my things into Huli’s basket and left it on the bike. I had my heart rate monitor set to run for 40 minutes and I just had to get my iPod ready to play. I pressed the on button and waited for the screen to light up. I pressed it again and then once more…nothing. What? It was fully charged yesterday when I used it. Well, I could have let that been a reason for me not to run but it wasn’t enough. I tucked my iPod in my shirt and away I went.

I ran along the water and then looped around and found a new trail. I was a bit off the beaten path but made it back to the water again. I then headed to another trail and not long into the run I started to feel good. I was happy to be out in the sun even if the Lagoon didn’t smell good.

I ran trails that I knew and trails that I didn’t. My 40 minutes was up but I wasn’t back to my office and Huli so I had to keep going. 48 minutes later I arrived and felt great. I was happy I went and enjoyed my cool down riding home. Warren had supper done and he waited to eat with me. We chatted over dinner and I was in a good mood.

Knowing myself enough to take my things to work instead of relying on myself to go when I get home I feel is a good thing because there are too many distractions.

Are you reliable enough to go home and then go on your own after work?


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