Weekend of firsts

This past Friday morning I headed to Sproat Lake with Beth and Justine. We were driving together to meet at Cindy’s cottage on the lake. There was going to be seven girls there for the weekend and I was looking forward to it. I was feeling a little stressed before I left because I wasn’t sure what I should pack to take with me for food and my other odds and ends since I had never been to the cottage before. All worked out in the end and I had just the right amount of stuff.

We arrived a little after lunch and Cindy came from the cottage in her boat to pick us up and take us back. I had never been to Sproat Lake before but the water and area was beautiful. I am not a fan of lakes because I don’t like to touch the bottom of them. I am never sure what might be swimming by me or what I could be walking on. It just freaks me out. But this lake I didn’t have to worry about that. I could see the bottom and to get into the water I just had to jump off the dock. It was a perfect lake for me.

This weekend was a weekend of a lot of first time events for me and I enjoyed them all.

Me water skiing
Happy on the water

1. My first time water skiing. – Cindy’s dad took Justine, Beth and I out water skiing not long after we arrived. At first I wasn’t sure I was going to actually ski but I wanted to go out on the boat and see the other girls do it but between Beth and I we talked myself into doing it. The first time that I tried it I got up on the ski’s but soon did a face plant into the water. That didn’t stop me though. I was giving it another go. The second time was the charm. I made it to a standing position and I stayed up. I was like a kid at Christmas and I had a huge grin on my face.

2. In the past I have slept on a sail boat but I had never slept on a boat as big as the one I did this past weekend. What was the first though in this case was being able to lay in my bed with the hatch open and look up into the star filled sky. It was so cool and I am pretty sure I fell asleep both nights with a smile on my face.

My bed for the night
My bed for the night

3. Waking up and bathing in the lake. I was awake both mornings a little before 5:00am and since I didn’t want to wake anyone in the cottage I would get up and have my bath in the lake. It was quiet and the water was rather warm to my surprise. It was like I had my own giant bath tub.

First morning sunrise
First morning sunrise

4. Seeing the sunrise on the water and coming up over the mountains. No, it wasn’t the first sunrise I had ever seen but it was the first one I had seen on the lake. I was the only one up enjoying the beauty of the morning.  I didn’t realize how slow the sun rises though. Everything else in life happens so quickly but that is one thing that doesn’t.




5. Before our run on Saturday morning I was sitting on a couch in the cottage and looked out the window behind me and saw a baby bear and a mama bear. I always think of bears as being really big but these little ladies were just small. First time seeing bears in the wild less not more than 10 feet away from me. So very cool and exciting. I wasn’t scared at all going out later around the cottage and figured they wouldn’t be chilling with seven ladies anytime soon.

Mama and baby bear
Mama and baby bear
Cindy excited about running
Cindy excited to be done our run.

6. Saturday morning Kendra, Cindy and I took the boat from the cottage over to the main road and went for a 10k run. It was a nice route to run and there was even a trail along the road you could use so you didn’t have to run on the road. I got to check out all the cottages and houses from the road that I could see from the water. It was a nice to run in a new place.

Taking the plunge
Taking the plunge

7. A few of the girls decided that they were going to jump off a pole that had a ladder on it to climb to the top. I figured I had done a bunch of other firsts this weekend that I would add this to the list. Once I got to the top and looked down my heart started pounding and I was nervous. I felt like I was back at Acadia University where my sister and I used to go swimming as kids and I was standing on the high diving board at the pool and scared to take that step forward. It took a few countdowns before I finally made the jump but I did it and felt the rush. I didn’t go again but happy I did once.

8. To finish the weekend off Warren and I had our last GutBuster race at Mt. Washington. It was the first time either one of us had ever run that course and it was a crazy one. It was a great challenge for us both and one that we will do again. I placed second over all for the females and Warren placed second in his age group.

The girls
The girls and I

I am sure that there are some more firsts from this past weekend that I have missed but those are the big ones that I remember. I had a great time with the girls and so happy that I was able to go to the cottage, meet some new people and experience new things.

What is something new you have experienced this summer?

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