Encouraging passively

This week Warren is having another week of staycation and I am working. All good because we really made the most of our week together last week. Almost everyday I have come home to a changed house in one way or another. He has repainted the guest bathroom and redid his Lego room, I mean the entertainment room. And a few other things. It has been nice.

On my way home from work last night it was starting to rain but it was still mild and warm. It was Wednesday night and that meant it was run club night. I was greeted by Warren when I got home and could see he was a bit down feeling and I asked him how he was doing and what his day was like? He told me that he had a bad day and was feeling sorry for himself. His arm where he had a torn bicep has now turned into tennis elbow. How this happened I am not sure but that is what his physiotherapist let him know. He is in constant pain and I know from being hurt in the past that having pain is just draining on your mentally and physically. I felt for him but knew there was nothing I could do to make the pain go away. No magic wand I could wave but I could give him a hug.

IMG_20130723_195941Trying to help I said to Warren in a happy way “Well, going for a run will help.” Warren said “Why would I go for a run? I am not running tonight!” I said “Ok well I am going to run club.” He had forgotten that it was Wednesday and even though I had said that I was going to go he let me know he still wasn’t going. That was ok. I wasn’t going to argue with him but I did say “A run would make you feel better” and I left it at that.

We are getting a new King size bed today so we had to move our bed into one of our spare rooms and I knew I didn’t want to do it after run club so I asked Warren if he wanted to move things around before I left? I like to stay busy when I get home after work on Wednesday nights because if I sit down it makes it harder for me to leave. I also knew that if I distracted Warren a bit it might help him to not think about his arm.

We went upstairs and moved things around and when we were done WE started to get ready for run club. Yes, we. Warren decided on his own that he was going to go. I hadn’t mentioned it again to him because I know when I just leave him be. I did figure the distraction of moving the bed and our chat before may have encourage him.

Off we went to Frontrunners to meet with the crew. We said our hello’s and reconnected with friends we hadn’t seen since the week before or friends who had been away from the club for a bit. That is one of my favorite parts of being part of a club. I always enjoy seeing everyone. We were told our workout for the evening and headed out to Langvista Road.

I had spoken to Warren before the workout started but didn’t really chat with him again until our cool down run on the way home. Warren said thank you to me as we ran towards home. He let me know that he told Rich “If it hadn’t been for Kyla I wouldn’t be out here running tonight.” That made me feel good and I was happy to hear that. I know both Warren and I encourage each other in many ways and I am happy that we have the support with each other.

How have you encouraged someone recently?


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