The strength of friendship

This past Friday night, my bestest friend Grace came home to Victoria from Calgary to visit her family and friends for a week. We had been counting down to her visit for many reasons but one reason was it meant that we would be able to workout together again. I was excited because as much as I like to workout solo I also enjoy the encouragement and variety Grace can bring to our workouts. And we just have so much fun together.

We made a plan to meet at 5:30am to go and run the stairs off Veteran’s Memorial Drive. We arrived a few minutes before 6:00am and Warren was joining us as well to do his own workout.  Before we left I had checked the time of the sun rising and it said 6:13am. I was hoping the sun would shine through the trees so we could see a beautiful sunrise like I have in the past. This morning though we rose and ran but the sun did not shine.

IMG_20130819_064803We did 14 sets of the stairs (169 in one direction or 4679 stairs in total) and two were cool down. No wait…one was a cool down of just walking up the stairs. The last one…because G and I are who we are…the last one we push ourselves a bit more and left it all out there. It was Grace’s idea this time to change-up the last set but she doesn’t always take the reins on that and we share it equally.

On our cool down we were chatting and Grace let me know that she had been talking with her mom last night and mentioned that she was worried that she wouldn’t be able to keep up with me today. She said “Mom, Kyla is doing all leg workouts and I haven’t been doing as many.” I laughed a little bit and then told her that I had been feeling insecure myself and had mentioned it to Warren earlier on in the weekend.  She then asked “Why?” I said “Because you do a lot of full body workouts each week and I haven’t been working my core or lifting weights so I am weak in my upper body.” 

I then started talking to her about how I thought it was funny/strange that we are friends and we are strong in various ways yet we both had insecurities when it came to working out with each other again. Grace then said “If you were struggling I would encourage and motive you and I know that you would do the same to me.” That is true and it happened this morning. So, why did we worry about what the other person thought of each other when we both work hard at being active and being the best we can be?

For me it could be because I don’t see what Grace does for workouts but I hear about them and think they sound great. It could be because I look at her and see how fit she is and since we haven’t been together for a while I worry I can’t do what she can do. I am not really certain of the exact answer but I know that Grace is there for me and we can be open and honest with each other and be who we are. 

Do you have a workout partner or friend who will support you and have your back?

10 thoughts on “The strength of friendship

    1. Thanks a lot.

      Sometimes people call Grace and I sisters and we talk and share things like we are.

      Keep lifting and chatting and it is nice to hear that you guys have a good bond that you can do that.


    1. Do you get to go back and see them often? Hopefully you do.

      You can’t beat best friend time I agree! You don’t take it for granted when you don’t get to see the person everyday that is for sure. Good thing we have texts, Skype and everything else out there 🙂

      Have a good day!


      1. I see them a couple times a year. The move was expensive so I didn’t have very much money to start, but both of them have come to visit me on several occasions since I couldn’t afford to fly home! I’m planning a trip home for the
        fall or early next year, I can’t wait to see them.

        Skype is so AWESOME! We have group chats when ever we can find time in our schedules 🙂 Technology has really made it easy to stay in touch!


      2. I went and saw Grace in March for a few days and she is here this week. Next I am sure will have to be my turn to venture to Calgary. Maybe for a ski holiday? Will have to see. Nice that they can come your way as well.

        Enjoy your Skype chats and have a great weekend.


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