Repeating a line

music2This morning I woke up with the song “People Like Us” in my head and I have been singing the one line “People like us, people like us…” over and over in my head. That is the only line as well and why is it that I don’t sing the whole song? What made it get in my head?

To answer my own question, or at least the second part of it; I think the reason I am singing it is because of it reminds me of Grace and I. This week I have been fortunate to work out with Grace in the mornings again and some of the things that we do for workouts are only workouts ‘people like us’ and our mind-set would do.

Grace came into my office yesterday and met my co-workers. Later on Tanya mentioned how fit Grace was and she could see why we were friends. I told Tanya that we first met at a boot camp and later found out that one of the first thoughts of each other was that we both looked fit and strong. Tanya thought it was interesting that we both thought that and asked why.

I went on to explain that I think in those type of classes you seek someone who is going to be an equal partner for you and you can tell they have the same type of mind-set as you. In a boot camp type class you want to work as hard as you can and push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Partnering with someone who looks like they have dedicated time and energy into being healthy is motivating for both people. You also know that they will push you because you want to make sure you can keep up with what they are doing

I also then went on to say that sometimes partnering with someone who is working on being healthier is also just as motivating. You can help encourage and inspire them and give them tips about things that you have learned. It is just as great of a feeling.

So, I am still not sure why when I get a song stuck in my head why I only sing a line or two from it but something triggers just that line. What song has gotten stuck in your head lately and what could be the reason?

3 thoughts on “Repeating a line

  1. I’ve had the song “Cruise” stuck in my head for the past few weeks since my boyfriend and I are leaving for college again. We always roll down the windows in the car and turn up the radio 🙂


    1. I love that song. Whenever it comes on my husband and I do the same thing. I love to run to it as well.
      What are you taking in college? How many years do you have left? Have fun!


      1. I’m an English and Communications double major and I’m about to leave for my senior year. I’m so excited to go back but I’m also terrified for all of my fun times there to be coming to an end 😦


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