Encouraging peeps

Last night I had run club and my glutes and hamstrings were sore from Tuesday when Grace and I did our own mini boot camp before work. The hurt so good items were air squats, jumping lunges and pulse plies along with some core mixed in the middle. We loved it even though it has us walking funny now because of the muscle soreness.

Right now with our run club we have a half marathon and a full marathon run clinic training for the Victoria GoodLife Fitness Marathon in October. Wednesday nights are speed and interval training and before the clinic group joined us we would all do the same amount of whatever the exercise was and that was all good.

Now though Nick has broken the schedule up into two groups giving the half marathoners a certain amount of repeats and the marathoners a certain amount of repeats. That is great except I am not training for either the half or the full…so what do I do? Do I push myself or just do the bare minimum? Earlier in June I was thinking of training to run the full marathon but then changed my mind. I really don’t think my body is meant to run that long or would enjoy it so sticking with the half marathon distance seems best; at least for now.

So, the training for last night was a warm up run from the store, down Millstream Road, to Trenor and then around to the bottom of Argnask. From Argnask we would run the hill to the stop sign, roughly 50-75 meters and then do a jog to the yield sign at the round about. While jogging you were still running up a small hill and once you reached the yield sign we were then to run as fast as we could around the Echo Valley Look (AKA clover loop), which was 1k. Then you walked back down the hill to the start and repeated the exercise. Clover

If you were with the half marathon group you were to do four repeats of this exercise and if you were running with the marathon group you were to do six repeats. Since I am not training for either and I was feeling sore from Tuesday I told myself I would do four like the half marathon group. That would be good right?

As I finished the fourth one there were still people running and I didn’t just want to stand around. I know that I get cold quickly and we still had to run back. I realized with that information that a fifth one was going to happen. As I ran up the hill and around the corner I saw Rich and he said “Did I miss count? I thought we were done?” I said “You are. I just didn’t want to stand around.” So, away I went around the 1k loop.

As I finished the fifth one and headed down the hill a lady named Donna was running down as well and told me she had one more. When she told me that I had made up my mind that if she was going I was going! I told her I was going to go with her and she said “You can go ahead of me cause I know you are faster and don’t feel you have to run with me.” I said “No, I am only doing this cause you are running. I am done and tired but this is good for me and I don’t want to stand around.”

I didn’t run the last exercise fast but I was running. She was happy for the company and actually two other runners joined in as well. It was a team effort to get Donna done her last loop and I liked it. It made me feel happy to be part of such a great group of people. I love that we have our own little running community and I look forward to more Wednesday nights and more fun with them.

Do you have a run club that you are a part of that motivate and encourage you?


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