Friday, Fulton and Fun

It has been a great week of working out with Grace and this morning was our last morning until the next time we reunite. IMG_20130823_061258

The night Grace and I had made a plan over texts that we would go for a warm up run to the soccer field near Westhills and then do our own mini boot camp again. But as we left my drive way this morning we were both moving pretty slow. I could tell neither of us felt like running and I made the suggestion to go and do walking hill repeats of Fulton Road. Grace liked that idea better and so did I so we hopped in the car and away we went.

Once we parked it was still a bit dark out and I knew that cars had a tendency to drive down the hill quickly so I knew we would need to stay close to the to the side. As we started to walk up the hill our bodies were still stiff and not warmed up. About mid way up the hill we were ready and good to go. We reached the top in a little less than 9 minutes, turned around and were back down in roughly 7 minutes. Yes…it is a long road with what seems like a never-ending hill.

On our first trip down I noticed the sign telling me the grade of the hill and I hadn’t realized that it was 15%. Not that I look at hills and say “Wow this hill is XX grade.” It did though make me think back to the Brickyard Beast race and the 18% grade hill I ran there. I would say Fulton Road is harder even though it IMG_20130823_061246is less of a grade percentage because it is longer than the hill on Gabriola Island.

To signify to ourselves that the hill repeat was done we would touch Grace’s car at the bottom and at the top we would hit the stop sign. It’s the little things that make you feel like you have complete a task.

We made three trips to the top of Fulton and then ventured off a side road that had another hill on it.  It was nice to do that because we got a beautiful view of Langford and the mountains. We were the Queens of the town.

Until next time we get together Grace…thanks for a great week of workouts.

Do you have a crazy steep hill in your town that you do hill repeats on either running or walking?



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