Rest day adventures

Today I wanted to be outside enjoying the sunny day but I also needed a rest day after a full week of doing various workouts. After doing some chores around the house we headed out to Mount Doug to go for a walk.

Before the wasp bite
Before the wasp bite

We parked in a pull off lot on Blenskinsop Road where there was a trail marker and when we walked up the trail a few feet there was a map that showed you various trails. I had been on this mountain a month or so before with Vivian and her son, Reid but I we didn’t see a map where we started from.

Warren and I headed down the trail and we were hiking a trail that was fairly flat and gradually started to incline. As we walked along I told Warren it would be a nice trail for running…but just not today as we were both tired. The area was shaded and it was nice until about 20 minutes into our walk I got bitten by a wasp. I could feel this hard pinch but I hadn’t seen the wasp beforehand so I didn’t even realize it was there. The next step I took had pain going through my calf so I took a few

Warren taking the off trail path
Warren taking the off trail path

minutes to collect myself. I had been stung in the past by hornets but never bitten by a wasp. It was not a pleasant feeling and I had some swelling around the area but all was good after a bit.

I wanted to get to the summit and neither one of us had ever hiked the trail we were on so we had to do some exploring. Once we reached the top it was beautiful and so clear. I love where we live and I feel so lucky to have the wilderness just a few steps away from where are or just a short car drive away.

We wanted to find a trail that would take us down another way and we found one but it became what we called a “Beattie trail”. It was little more like an off-trail path that made to get back to another path. It worked and it was fun.

The path we ended up on took us up and over Little Mount Doug. I didn’t even know there was a little version of the big one until I saw it on a map but later on realized Little Mount Doug was what Viv and I had hiked.

It's that way
It’s that way

The morning was a fun one and we enjoyed ourselves. We didn’t want to go home just yet and wanted to be outside some more so we made a pit stop at Thrifty’s in Broadmead and grabbed some lunch.

We then drove to Gowlland Tod park just off Wallace Drive. I had never been down

Beautiful and quiet. View from our bench.
Beautiful and quiet. View from our bench.

this path but always wondered where it went. Warren knew it so we wandered down the trail about 15 minutes and found a bench where we had lunch. It overlooked an inlet where some boats were docked. It was quiet and nice.

It was a perfect Sunday morning and early afternoon. We stretched our legs, chatted and ate.

How do you spend your rest days?


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