Running Stewart Mountain

On Friday I received an email from Jared letting me and other runners from the run clinic know the route that he had planned.  The run was a 16k recovery run and he wanted to make it a fun one so he suggested running Stewart Mountain. I had recently been told about the mountain and wanted to run it but was a bit concerned about getting lost.

We met up with the other runners at 8:00am at Thetis Lake parking lot and made our way onto the trail. Jared and Shawn both had the map and like they say “two heads are better than one” but  there were a few points where all the guys were checking out the map.

Meet the Stewart Mountain crew
Meet the Stewart Mountain crew

There were lots of people out walking and enjoying the trails and it was a bit of a grey morning but still nice. As we ran along I saw my friend Ann who I think was probably headed back to her car after finishing a run where we were headed.

Some of the trail that we were running I had been on before with both Ann and Warren so it was familiar to me. Once we reached a certain point though I was in new territory and loved it. Jared had brought flour in a water bottle so he could mark the trail in case one of us fell behind. It was a good idea and came in handy.

The trail was mostly flat with some rolling hills for the most part. As we ran along though we found the mountain part. Phew! It was steep and I made myself run as far as I could and then a bit more. Once it started to be less of an incline I started to run again. We reached the trail to the summit and I walked again. The view from the top was nice.

The trail down from the summit was a single track trail for a bit and then we met up with the road where we had originally gone right. It was a big loop.  Nearing the end of the run Warren and I were feeling tired and we were hungry. It was fun to run with the group and see a new area. We were happy we went, felt good and had run 14k before 10:00am. A great way to start a Saturday!

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