A surprise for some

Earlier this month my gym membership expired and for the first time in roughly seven years I do not have a gym to go to. To be honest I haven’t actually been going for at least the last five months because I haven’t been able to do weights due to a shoulder injury.  Some of you are probably saying that I can do more than weights at a gym and you are correct but to me the main reason for my gym membership is so I can do weights.

Happy and loving the outside
Happy and loving the outside

So, to keep fit if I want to run I will head out on the road or find a trail. If I want to ride a bike I will do so outside using one of my own bikes. If I want to do stairs or something like a stepper machine I will go to the set of stairs I love and do repeats of those.  I have been making the most of the great outdoors and enjoying my neighbourhood.

When friends ask me about my exercises and the things I have been doing I will tell them but never mention the gym. Since I haven’t mentioned it they will then say “And the gym of course” or something like that. I will then tell them I haven’t been going they are surprised to hear it. They get a “What?” type look on their face. I can understand the look because I when asked in the last what I have been doing my answer would be “I went for a run and to the gym” or something like that. They know that I have spent morning after morning going to the gym before work and that was part of my Monday to Friday routine.

The look I get though sometimes makes me feel like I have let people down a bit. I know that it only affects me that I haven’t gone but it feels like it affects my friends too but in a different way. I tell them that with my injury I feel discouraged going to the gym and it doesn’t want to make me go. I haven’t found a routine or plan that I can doesn’t hurt me so doing something else makes me happy.

So, today I cleared out all of my things from my gym locker and that was a bit hard to do but to all my friends out there who know me…I will be back at the gym. I am hoping by the new year. cause you can’t keep Drill Sergeant Beattie down.

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