Freedom and then pants

They aren't tight but felt it
They aren’t tight but felt it

Yesterday when I rode Huli to work wearing my shorts and a short-sleeved shirt I found I was a bit cold and wished I would have worn a sweater. It was the first morning in sometime that I have been cold riding to work. I said to myself that I was not ready to give up summer clothes yet but then spent the day in my office wearing a fleece sweater and drinking tea. Sad really but it seems like we have had “summer” in Victoria, BC when you look at the long-range forecast.

This morning I ran to work in shorts and a tank top and it was comfortable. I decided though that I should pack a pair of pants and a cardigan to wear at work because I wasn’t going to spend the day with goosebumps again. Once at work I went into the bathroom to get changed and to put my dress pants and it felt weird. It felt so constricting to have pants on because I have been wearing skirts, shorts or dresses for the last few months. Slowly they started to feel OK and I am happy I wore pants because I am comfortable and have only had one mug of tea.

Does that feeling happen to you after spending the summer in shorts or dresses?  Or are you lucky and still in short weather?




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