Flex Day Run

Earlier this week I messaged Ann to see if she would be up for running this morning since I am off on a flex day from work. She was game and I was happy for that.  I could have run solo but Ann pushes me to run faster and it also makes it more fun running with someone.

Fire in the sky
Fire in the sky

We made a plan to meet at 6:30am and we ran the trails around Royal Roads University. While I waited for Ann to arrive I looked down Sooke Road and it looked like the trees were on fire but it was the beautiful red of the sunrise. My camera phone really didn’t capture all the beauty as seeing it in person.

Today I was our tour guide of the trails so to speak because Ann hasn’t run them very much. I was looking forward to showing her around and I had planned a route in my head that we could take. I wasn’t sure how long it would take us time wise or distance wise but either way we were out to enjoy the morning and we were running for sanity.

As we ran along the Lagoon you could see the sun shining on the houses across the water and it looked like everything was glowing. It was amazing and I could have sat there and just taken it all in. As we went more into the woods you could see the sun shining through the trees and every once and awhile I couldn’t see in front of me. That just made running a bit more fun and interesting.

We chatted as we ran and Ann told me about some up coming races that I have never done and would be a new challenge for me. They were the Harriers Thetis Lake 20k RelayHarriers Gunner Shaw 10K Cross Country Classic and the Stewart Mountain 10 Mile / 5 Mile Challenge . The first race starts in November so it gives me something to look forward to. I also just ran Stewart Mountain last weekend so I know what I am up against and would run it again.

Welcome to RRU
Welcome to RRU

So, an hour later and 10k done all before 8:00am. I could have stayed at home relaxing this morning but I made the most of the beginning of my four-day weekend. Now to venture on Mar downtown and get a hair cut.

How has your Friday started out so far?

Happy Long weekend all!


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