Water Fun at Sproat Lake

IMG_20130901_152141Yesterday Warren and I headed to Sproat Lake early in the morning to spend the night at Cindy’s family cottage. We were looking forward to the night away and being on the water. It was Warren’s first time there and my second since I had been there earlier in the month for a girls weekend.

We arrived at the cottage around 10:15am and the sun wasn’t out and there was fog. We were worried for a few minutes because we had just drove through lots of sun but we told ourselves that it was early and even if the sun didn’t shine it would be fun anyway.

Once at the cottage we were introduced to the other friends that were there and then I showed Warren around. We unpacked our things on the boat where we were going to sleep for the night and then went to chill on the dock. By the time we were readySONY DSC to chill the sun had made its way out and we were happy for that.

After lunch Ken said that he would take us out water skiing. I was excited for that because I had done it the last time I was there and made it up on the second try. This time I made it up on the first try and I stayed up. Cindy and Warren were on the boat with Ken and they were giving me hand signals but I had no idea what they meant. I thought they were telling me to let go with both hands but just being silly. You could tell that I didn’t grow up on the water as a kid because I didn’t know all the signs and SONY DSCsignals.

After I was done Cindy got on but she went with only one ski. It was so cool to see because I had never seen slalom skiing before but she was great at it. Warren tried to get some pictures of her but they were mostly of her legs because the boat was moving too much due to the water being choppy.

Next up it was wakeboarding. I had never done this before or seen what it was but I wanted to go and since Ken needed weight in the boat it worked out perfect. First up was Camilla who had done it before a few times and was good at it. Donald her husband was next on the board and then Ken. They were all great at doing it and Ken could even throw the tow rope on to the boat and just ride the wave. A few times he even came right up on to the back of the boat with the board.

Ribbet collage 2

Next up was me. I was hoping that it would be similar to water skiing and I would do it quite easily. Well, it was and wasn’t the same and it took me more than two times. I could stand on the board on the second time up but to get myself in the right place to ride the wave I struggled. I didn’t give up though and kept trying. Thankfully they were patient with me and tried to help. I never found the sweet spot of the wave but I did have a lot of fun just being out on the water and trying something new. Maybe next summer I will be able to ride the wave.

Ribbet collageRibbet collage3After dinner we headed out on the boat and explored more of the area. Ken’s brother was at a campsite across the lake so we all went to say Hello. It was a beautiful evening on the water and a perfect sunset. I was sitting with my back to it but Warren pointed it out to me and of course I had my phone with me to capture the beauty.  On our way back to the cottage we went by the water bomber that is anchored on the lake. I had seen it fly but wasn’t up close to it. It was so cool to see and I now can see why the boats chase after it when it is going to take off. Ribbet collage4

We finished the night off with a sit in the sauna and then a dip in the lake. A perfect way to end a great day!

Thank you to Cindy and her family for having us at her cottage. I look forward to more fun weekends on the water.

How did you spend your Labour Day weekend? Hope it was just as much fun!




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