Finding Mount Manual Quimper

Luke, Mark and Warren
Luke, Mark and Warren

Last night after work Warren, Mark, Luke (a dog) and I headed out to Sooke to hike Mount Manuel Quimper. Mark had told us of the hike a month or so ago and we tried to find it on our own but with no luck. So, when Mark said that he was going to go hike it after work I let him know we wanted to tag along.

After waking up to a morning of pouring down rain it turned into a beautiful day and a great evening for a hike. We arrived a little after 5:00pm at the parking lot and Mark and Luke were waiting for us. We set our watches to record how long it would take us and we were off.

When you start out on the trail you’re walking on an old logging road that is well-groomed and has an incline. As you walk along you will see various trails that veer off to the left and right but don’t take those. We kept walking down the logging road about 45 minutes until we came to a trail that went to the right. Before the trail head you will see a marker but if you go past the big rocks that look like they are blocking the road a bit then you have gone too far.

The sky coming home...beautiful!
The sky coming home…beautiful! 

Once you start to head up the trail it is a good climb that will get your heart rate up and breathing hard. The trail is a bit rocky at the start and taking care of where you place your feet is a good idea so you don’t slip. Once you get closer to the top though it goes more to a single track trail that isn’t so bad.

Once you reach the top of the mountain you can see Mt. McDonald, Mt. Wells, Sooke Harbour and Whiffen Spit. At the top as well there is an old fire lookout station that you can go in and check out.

It took us an hour and 5 minutes to walk at a quick pace to get to the top and the climb was worth it. You could definitely run this route and it would be a good trail run as well. It was a beautiful at the top and I am so happy that we found it.  We have done a lot of exploring of trails and mountains this summer and it has been fun. I look forward to finding more trails this fall.

Have you discovered any new trails or mountains in your home town lately?

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