Hill repeats and stairs at RRU

This morning when I woke up I wasn’t sure how my legs were going to feel because when I got home from run club last night they were very tired from the workout. Just going up and down the stairs was tough but at the same time I like that feeling because I know I have then worked hard. I headed downstairs before the alarm went off this morning and started to prepare lunches, have coffee and get my hiking backpack ready for my workout.

DeerI had decided last night that I would walk to work with my backpack full of things and then do stair and hill repeats at work. I wanted to do more training for our hike later this month and even though the morning was grey it was warm when I left the house at 6:00am. I was hoping to see a beautiful sunrise but that wasn’t the case. I arrived at work around 6:40am and was greeted by a deer just before I headed down the hill. I could walk right by him and he would just look at me and didn’t run. That was something I couldn’t do in Nova Scotia because they always ran and were never close by humans.

As I went down the hill to Royal Roads and looked over the LIC building I could see the mountains in the background but by 7:20am the weather had changed. The fog had rolled in along with some wind and the repeats I was doing started to become not so much fun. I continued on though for another ten minutes because that was the time I had told myself I would work out until and I needed to get ready for work by 7:30am.

The hill
The hill

I did at least five hill repeats of the big hill as you come on to campus and did the same amount of stair repeats of the stairs by the LIC. I found the stairs gave me more of a tired feeling in my legs but I know that I need to be able to carry my pack on varying degrees of terrain so I would just alternate between stairs and the hill every other time.

By the time I was done my workout I didn’t feel too bad and I was happy for that because I like to think it means I am adjusting to carrying the pack on my back. I was out for an hour and 15 minutes and was only carrying 21 pounds today but tomorrow I will add more weight. Tanya and I are going to do my favorite set of stairs and when I told her how many there are she cringed a bit. My plan is to set a certain number of stair repeats for us to do so we have a goal to work towards.

I am enjoying my new workouts and look forward to more hikes with my pack and getting to know Tanya better.

Happy Thursday!

Do as the sign said to me this morning...
Do as the sign said to me this morning…



2 thoughts on “Hill repeats and stairs at RRU

  1. OMG! You are one amazing person. I just don’t know how you do all this, and truly I envy you. I love to hike, but no stairs, I like the natural, truly I won’t be able to handle the stairs. I truly admire what you do. You are just motivating me, I am going hiking this weekend, no questions asked. You are truly amazing.


    1. Sareena, thank you for your kind words. You find what you love to do and you do what works for you. That is what is important.
      Let me know about your hike this weekend. Hope you have a good one. Hope you are doing well.


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