Social lunch breaks

Today is a grey, foggy and humid day but it is a Friday so that makes up for the weather. And since I am at work I am hoping that the weekend will be nice and sunny.

Each week I schedule my lunch breaks as time away from my desk and time to get outside for a walk around the beautiful campus, I could walk solo but instead I send out meeting requests to friends who work at RRU in hopes they can meet on their break. Sometimes they have to cancel walks and that is Ok but I like knowing when I come to work each day I get to walk and chat with someone ‘new’.

I have made a great network of friends and contacts in various departments around the university by doing this and I love it. Sometimes when I am out with people they will say “You know so many people.” That is true and some of it is because I take part in as many things I can around the university so I get to know people and the other reason is because I have worked in a various departments and schools since being at RRU.


When I came into work today I knew that I had a walk scheduled with Jody and I was looking forward to seeing her. We hadn’t caught up in sometime so it would be fun. She emailed me though first thing and let me know that she wasn’t feeling well so she would have to postpone our walk. For a moment I thought about just going for a walk on my own but then remembered that Amanda usually ran on Friday’s because she is training for the GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon in October.  So, I emailed her to see if she was running and if she wanted company? She told me yes and that she was going at noon. It was perfect timing for me and I was now looking forward to seeing her because we hadn’t caught up in a while either.

We headed out and said we would run for 40 minutes. Sounded good to me and I would have time to cool down before my lunch break was over. As we reached 25 minutes though both of us were feeling a bit done and in the direction we were running there was a slow incline of a hill ahead of us. I said “How about we run to the Boat House and then walk up the hill?” She said “Sounds good.” It was a perfect situation for us both; we ran a half hour and got caught up.

My lunch breaks are my social time and a way for me to see people around the campus who I don’t work directly with. How do you spend your lunch breaks?


3 thoughts on “Social lunch breaks

  1. aw how fun!! I wish I could go running on my lunch break! I usually just go to our break room and eat lunch and go on Pinterest since our lunch is only 30 minutes – just enough time to eat! lol


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