Day dreamin’

This morning I headed out for a quick 40 minute run under a beautiful pink and blue sky. Once I got outside I just wanted to stay out and not head home because to me it was such a perfect day. The sun was out and I could tell it was going to be a warm September day. But while I am still only 35 and haven’t won the lottery…work calls my name.

day dreamin
day dreamin

I had an appointment in Sidney this morning and on my drive to work I saw people wandering the streets both young and old. I saw cyclists on the highway cruising on the bikes in the sun to some destination or maybe wherever they felt like going. I saw people out walking their dogs and couples walking hand in hand having their morning coffee. Seeing all these people made me think about retirement even though I am young; I was day dreamin’.

Warren and I do talk a lot about what we will do when we get older. Where we would live and where we would travel? I already look forward to those days because we could go on those road trips that we love to do so much.  We could then spend days or weeks at a place that we fall in love with and the only concern would be our cats. We would just have to make sure that we stay at a pet friendly place and that they have room to curl up in our vehicle and be comfortable. We could lounge by the pool sipping margarita’s or maybe our tastes will be more sophisticated by then; we can hike mountains and various trails we come across and we can enjoy all the sunrises and sunsets we can see.

I dream of days that we can spend wondering little towns and having coffees with our friends at little coffee shops. I dream of days that we can spend outside making the most of the day and taking in all the vitamin D we can absorb. And I am sure if the drive would have been longer to get to work I could have dreamed of more types of days.

We have though talked about buying a vacation home somewhere but we question if that is what we want to do.  Do we want to go back to the same place all the time? We think now that we would feel obligated as we got older to go back to even though we would want to see and explore a new place. So, for now; at our non-retirement ages we chose exploring.

If you are retired how do you spend your days?

If you are not retired how do you dream of spending your day?


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