Heat run

Yesterday was a record breaking day for temperatures in Victoria, BC. It reached 30 degrees and broke a record of 27.2 set back in 1975. I am a lover of the heat, sun and all the vitamin D I can take in from it but last night we had run club. I am not a fan of running in the heat and but knowing that I was meeting a group of friends I got myself out the door. The thought as well of having ice cream for supper was also encouraging me.

Thermometer_0.svgWhen Warren and I had looked at the workout in the morning and we saw 10 x (2 mins on/2 mins off) and we didn’t think the workout was going to be all that hard. But we must have still had our sleepy eyes open because when we arrived at run club and Nick told us that the workout alone was 40 minutes of running Warren and I looked at each other as if to say “What?” We were thinking that we were running for ten minutes but for two minutes on and two minutes off. Warren thought “Oh, this is a rest week” since people in the group are training for the GoodLife Fitness Victoria Half and Full Marathon.

So, our thought of an easy workout was quickly gone but thankfully we got to run in the shade along the Galloping Goose. I ran with Beth for our workout and she tracked the time for the two minutes fast and I tracked the time for the two minutes slow. That is typically how we do it because she is good at setting our pace and I don’t like to know how fast she has me running. That may sound strange but when I know we are running faster than I think I can run I feel like I need to slow down. So, I have told Beth that I will run and do my best to keep up but I don’t want to know how fast until afterwards.

We ran five sets out and the turned around to run the five sets back. By the time we all arrived together again we were tired, sweaty and we were also covered in little black flies. Pretty! We were happy the workout was done and we started our cool down run back to Frontrunners.

I am thankful to be part of a group because they make it easier to go running on days that are hot or rainy. Do you mind running in the heat?



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