This morning I woke up feeling a bit tired and I slowly started feeling a bit agitated; not sure why but I was. I knew that going for a run this morning wasn’t something my legs were going to do willingly because they felt so tired last night when I went for one. I could have just stayed home but the problem was that I wanted to be outside.

Last weekend when Tanya and I hiked Sugarloaf Mountain I had 30lbs in my pack and before we finished our three-hour hike I was ready to leave my backpack on the trail. I was sore in my shoulders and neck and it felt awful. I told Tanya when we got back to the car that I would have to get my backpack feeling right before we go on our hike because I wouldn’t make it feeling the way I did then.

View from the top of the Ridge
View from the top of the Ridge #no filter

So, this morning was another test of my pack. I had repacked it and had 29lbs in it this morning. Warren had also made some adjustments to it so I was hoping for the best. I headed to Langvista Road which isn’t far from where I live and it is a good steep hill that climbs and winds so, I made my way to the top.

I had my iPod and knew that once I started listening to my music I would be good. The first song I played was Cruise and as I walked along my hands started moving to the music and it was like the great outdoors was my window. In the distance I could see the glow of the sun rising and lighting up the sky but I couldn’t see the big ball of beauty.

By the time I got to the hill I felt good. I was happy to be outside and the music was doing the trick. It didn’t hurt that the view from the top was beautiful. It was a short 55 minute walk and by the time I got home my pack still felt good and I was happy for that. It was the best way for me to start my Friday.

What do you do on days when you are feeling tired but at the same time want to do something?

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