Gym Class

Last week I found out that the lunch time classes at the RRU gym started up again. I was unable to the strength and cardio class that I like to go to last Monday because I had something else going on at work that I wasn’t able to get out of.  Since I didn’t want that to happen to me again I went into my calendar at work and booked Monday’s from 12:00pm-1:00pm as “Gym Class”. That way if someone looks at my calendar they would know that I am busy at that time and unable to do something. It will also be a reminder to me to go get myself ready for it.

Reminder: You have gym class!
Reminder: You have gym class!

I went to class today and it was nice to see Kelly, the instructor. I hadn’t seen her since the end of June when the class finished last. I was looking forward to the change in my workout but I was also a bit uncertain about what I would be able to do since I am still waiting to get my cortisone shot for the coracoid impingement I have in my shoulder.

We did a warm up of running around the gym a few times and Kelly then called us together to tell us what we would be doing with partners. She had written out on a board the following:

50 burpees

100 step ups with knee ups

50 push ups

100 squats

75 tricep dips

75 rows

Once I saw the board and read what we were doing I felt for Kevin, my partner. I let him know that I wouldn’t be very helpful with the push ups and the tricep dips but I would do my best to help. He let me know that was Ok and we would get through it.

The goal of the above was to get through it as many times as you could in the time that she gave us. She never said the exact time but I think it was roughly a half hour. We were to share the exercises above and do half at least and help your partner with whatever they couldn’t finish. So, away we went. We got through the workout two and a half times and we sweating. I was tired but it felt good. Kevin and I worked well together and what I struggled to do he could help and vice versa.

After that we then went on to “ten to one” with power jumps and cobra push ups. That means we would do ten power jumps and then one cobra push up, then nine power jumps and two cobra push ups and we continued like that until we reached one power jump and ten cobra push ups. My arms were toast and I was done. We did a stretch and I then headed back to work.

I was so happy to be back in the class and see some familiar faces from campus. I am pretty sure both my upper and lower body are going to be hurting tomorrow and by Wednesday I will be walking funny or running funny for run club. But I wouldn’t change it.

Do your gym classes take a break for summer? Have they started back up again? What will get you there?


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