Show and tell

This morning I headed to work with my hiking backpack so Tanya and I could do ‘show and tell’ of our packs. We head away on our big outdoor adventure and hike this weekend and we wanted to make sure that we have everything that we need.

On my walk I saw two of my friends, Amanda and Margot who were headed to Royal Roads as well. Amanda laughed as she went by on her bike and I later emailed her to find out why? She told me that she had never seen someone walk down Goldstream Avenue with a hiking backpack on and it was funny. I agreed with her and it did feel a bit strange and out-of-place but I knew riding Huli wasn’t an option. I do wonder what people are thinking as they go by. Do they think I am a person who is travelling around with just a backpack and wandering from hostel to hostel? Or am I a person who really over packs for a day of work and eats a lot of food. Well, if they said the second part they would be right.

IMG_20130917_183412Margot waited for me at one point and we spoke for a few moments. She said “You are taking this really seriously!” I smiles and I let her know that I wasn’t doing a training walk with my pack but I was meeting Tanya at lunch for a show and tell of our packs.

I eventually arrived at work and set my pack by my desk out-of-the-way of the other people in my office. I was asked though by my work mates if I was running away from home? I just laughed and then told them what I was doing. They then wanted to see what I had in my backpack and were like kids at Christmas and had so many questions. The dehydrated food and what kind of tent we would be sleeping in were the big things for them to know.

At noon I headed to meet Tanya in the office and we took out all of the things in our packs and checked out every thing that each one had. We found that there were a few things in my pack that I didn’t need and there were some things that we both had that one person could carry and we could share. I was happy that we did this because it meant we could remove the extra and distribute the weight evenly.

Our biggest question we have right now is what to place in what pockets and what will we need and not need before we stop for the night. The fun and games of trying something new. I am sure by day two we will have it figured out.

If you have gone on an over night back pack trip what are things that you carry in easy reach? I know my first two things are my camera and snacks.


2 thoughts on “Show and tell

  1. it was pretty cute and hilarious to see you walking down the middle of the road with that huge backpack 🙂 just so you know, i was also smiling because i thought “isn’t it so cool that i see friends on the way to work!”


    1. I think it is pretty cool too seeing friends on my way to work. I also like when I am out doing exercise that I see the same familiar faces around our neighbourhood. I love where we live…and work. 🙂


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