One sleep til the big hike

Tanya and Kyla

Well, there is one sleep until Tanya and I venture off to hike the Juan De Fuca trail. The weather doesn’t look promising and is calling for lots and lots of rain but we will make the most of it. I have never done hiking like this before so I wasn’t really sure where to start but some of the things we have done to prepare for this adventure are:

  • a few hikes with our packs to see what it is like to carry weight on our backs
  • asked friends who have done backpacking what they did and recommended
  • made sure our packs didn’t have duplicates of things
  • bought a poncho…this week
  • bought a little pot, bear spray and a bear banger and a new backpack that I will use after this for the Amazing Race Canada, Season 2 next Spring. (Yes, that is my way of letting you know Warla will be applying again.)
  • checked the tides
  • and packed some Bailey’s to surprise Tanya on our first night.

We feel prepared for whatever comes at us and we look forward to the experience. I will be back after the weekend to let you know how our adventure was.

Stay tuned.



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