Hard left…watch the post!

Warla... aka Volunteers
Warla… aka Volunteers

Awhile ago I signed myself and Warren up to volunteer for Ryder Hesjedal’s Tour De Victoria happening today. I then got asked to go hike the Juan de Fuca trail with Tanya and as much as I wanted to help out with the event I really wanted to hike too. Well, I got to do both since we came back early from our hike.

We were volunteers at Peatt Road and the rail trail today and we were road marshals directing the riders where to go. There were also two other volunteers with us as well who were stoppingSinage traffic so the riders could cross Peatt Road. As the riders went through Warren would point in the direction of me and say “Hard left to the trail.” Then as they rounded the corner to me I would say “Hard left, watch the post!” Or sometimes I got creative and would say “What the pole! Watch the pole!” Why I was saying this was because the riders were headed onto the Galloping Goose and there are three posts at the beginning and end of each section so vehicles don’t decide to drive up and down it. But for cyclists today, and any day really they can be hazards and since the city didn’t remove them for the ride I had to let them know they were there.

As I stood directing the riders what I was saying became very repetitive and my friend Jeff, who was there with his son Ryder, told me I would be dreaming of staying “Hard left…watch the post!” and I think he might be right. All good though because I think it helped them.


I feel for the riders today because of the rain and the cooler temperature but there were many riders out with smiles on their faces and thank you’s being said. It was a small amount of time out of my morning to help out but it had big rewards. We will back again to help out next year.

Hope all the riders made it safe and sound to the finish line and enjoyed their experience overall.

Were you out riding today or did you volunteer?



6 thoughts on “Hard left…watch the post!

  1. I volunteered at the finish line! It was so exhilarating to see them pedal hard to the finish and ease up in the chute! I think I might cross over and bike next year- I’ll be looking for you 😉


    1. Finish line would have been a cool place to be for sure.

      What distance do you think you will enter? Do the whole thing?

      Well, if I am in the same spot next year you will see me. 🙂


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