Two great workouts

Sporting my headlamp for the first time for my workout and running. It's a whole new world with it.
Sporting my headlamp for the first time for my workout and running. It’s a whole new world with it.

I struggle to take rest days but both Warren and Mary-Anne have told me that I need to take more of them so I try and this weekend I took two! I Saturday was a rest day after we got home from our hike because I was tired from lack of sleep in the tent. Then Sunday morning we volunteered for the Tour De Victoria and after I got home I didn’t feel like going out to play in the rain. We decided it was time for a change in our house so we moved some things around and then watched the movie Monsters University.

It was nice to have time at home but by supper time I could feel that I needed to move. I was getting antsy and started silly dancing in my sock feet and sliding around on the kitchen floor. Warren thought I was crazy but it won’t be the last time he thinks that.

Not sure if my run on Monday felt great because of the rest days or it was just a good day for a run but I felt like I was cruising. My tunes were on random and I didn’t have it set to a particular playlist which I normally do.

Since it was Monday and I have blocked off lunch breaks for the Strength and Cardio class at the gym I was looking forward to seeing what Kelly had in store for us. She us through some lower body exercises, AKA torcher like jumping squats, deep squats and dead lifts to name a few. Then for our upper body exercises she had us do rows, push-ups, sit ups with V-sits, and a few others. It was a good workout and I am happy to have that class to go to.

I knew that I didn’t want to just run this morning because I had yesterday but I needed to do a workout. I decided that I would do a short run from home to Langvisita Drive which is a steep hill that we do hill repeats on with my run club. This morning though I made up my own workout and I did three repeats of the hill and added in some extra things.

First one I ran up the hill forwards for one minute and then stopped to do 50 toe taps on the sidewalk curb. I then turned backwards and ran one more minute. I stopped and did another 50 toe taps on the sidewalk curb and then continued forwards until I reached the end of the sidewalk where I was making it my stopping point in the road.

When I ran down the hill I would stop at the corners of the road that intersected with other side roads. On those

Lokey keeping the PVR box warm
Lokey keeping the PVR box warm

corners I did 10 deep squats, 20 mountain climbers and then 10 mountain climbers with my knees touching my elbows. I stopped 5 different times so in total I did 50 deep squats and 150 mountain climbers.

Next up I ran the entire hill without stopping. It was three and a half minutes of a climb. Doesn’t sound like much but my legs were feeling it and so were my lungs. I told myself it was good training for the Bear Mountain 10k I registered for last night. I decided to just run down the hill this time and give my legs a bit of a break. Once I reached the bottom I turned around and ran backwards all the way to the top. My legs were really burning then but it was ok because I knew it was my last one.

On my way down the hill I went on a side road to my right. It had an incline as well that looped to a cul-de-sac. I decided that I would do the vine and alternate sides after 20-30 seconds in one direction. It was just to do something different.

Lucky curled up next to W while we watch TV
Lucky curled up next to W while we watch TV

I then ran down the hill and circled Jeannie Drive which is an 800 meter loop that we normally run after our hill repeats. I had done the loop before I started the repeats and I figured that would be a good way to end my workout before the short run home.

This workout took me about 55 minutes so it wasn’t long but it made me push myself and I was breathing hard. I also got to enjoy the morning and do exercises that I am sure in the light of day I would get looked at funny.

I am off to spend time with my kiddos and Warren.

How was your Tuesday? Did you get any funny looks today because of something you were doing while working out?


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