Huli creates smiles


This morning I didn’t exercise before work but made a carrot ginger soup instead. I love to make my mornings productive and we have run club tonight after work. I want my legs to be fresh for it since it is an intense workout.

When I left my house on Huli this morning the sun was shining and it was so nice to see. We have a few grey days lately and I am not quite ready for the grey, rainy days of winter  just yet.

I only have a short commute to work but I enjoy it. I see the same guy walking to work each day and some of the same cars heading in the same direction I am going. Once I arrive at Royal Road University, I head down the big hill towards my office. As I do I see the same three men walking up the big hill with their two dogs. One is a little Chihuahua and the other is an older, bigger dog that I think could be a Lab. They do this walk every day and wander through the trails and make a pit stop at the café to get a coffee.

Every day I will see people on campus who are headed to their office to get their day started and I will see gardeners who are preparing their tools for where they will be working. I love the little community I work in and enjoy saying Hello as we go along.


This morning Gina and I rode down the hill on our bikes and we then had a little chat about running. She is preparing for the GoodLife Marathon next month so we were talking about what to eat and drink during the run. Next, I saw Shelley, one of the gardeners who loves Huli. This morning she was working with another lady (who I forgot to ask her name), who said “Oh, is this the bike that sits in the shed by the greenhouse?” I said “Yes, this is Huli.” She then told me she admires Huli every day and I let her know that she could take Huli for a ride any time she wanted. She was excited to hear that. Shelley then went to point out the tires and the pattern on them and the whole time both ladies were smiling and they were making me smile.

Then, just before I reached my office I saw Kellie-Ann and she said stopped to say Hello to us. She mentioned that she hadn’t seen Huli and I from her rear view mirror lately and I laughed. Kellie-Ann typically see us riding to work each day because we live close to each other. Once she passes by us I wave and she will do the same.

So, Huli may be just a bike to some but to me she makes me happy and I enjoy cruising back and forth to work on her each day. She is known on campus by name and I think that is really neat.  I have strangers look at me riding her on the road and they smile. Who would have thought a bike could bring such happiness to so many people? But I know when I see other Electra Cruisers I smile.

Do you have a bike or something that makes you smile or others when they see it?


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