Dark and beauty

This morning before work I drove the car to my favorite set of stairs and ran them in the dark. Well, it wasn’t completely dark, I had the glow of my headlight. This was a first for me, stair running in the dark, but I didn’t mind it.

At first things felt a little creepy and I wondered what animal may just be waking for breakfast but I soon wasn’t thinking that way.

As I ran up the stairs I found I would reach my marker, the broken branch on the side faster than I realized. It was nice and the walk of the last few stairs wasn’t bad either. Don’t get me wrong I was breathing hard but it seemed to go fast.

I completed 10 stair repeats up and down and at the top of the last repeat walked to the gate and then ran down. I still had 7 minutes left of my 40 minute workout so I decided to do 60 high knees and 60 walking lunges. I alternated them to get back to the car.

At the gate I stopped to take in the quiet and I could see some clouds in part of the sky. Then through the tree line I could see the orange color of the sun starting its slow rise. There was no wind and everything was calm and peaceful.

After I got home and ready for work Huli and I headed on our way. As I rode by the pond near the golf course I could see mist on top of the water and the sun shining down on it. It really was beautiful and I stared to ride by and then made myself stop and admire it. Work would be there but this was a moment to take in.


It wasn’t roses I stopped to smell but it was a moment I’m glad I stopped to enjoy. Do you take those moments or just hurry by them?


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