A new distance record

Whew! Thankfully that is done!
Whew! Thankfully that is done!

So, last week I made a plan with Cindy to take part in running some of her 32km run that was doing today as part of her training for the ING New York City Marathon happening on November 3. On Thursday I told her that I would run 20km because I knew that I could run that distance. I have never run 32km so I figured there was no way that I could just go do that. I have been considering though just running the GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon in October without all the training.

Friday night I text Cindy again and said “I would like to try to run the whole 32 with you.” She said “Why do you want to go so far?” I told her “I want to see if I can do it. I may fall off but if I do I will just turn around or whatever it is that I need to do.” I was worried I might not be able to make the distance because of my IT Band giving me issues but also because I have never run that far. I have on and off run/walked close to 25km but that is different from continuous running for that long. This was going to be a ‘training’ run to see what it was like to run all but 10km of a marathon.

So, this morning I was awake at 5:45am and could hear the pouring rain coming down outside my

Two friends helping each other achieve a new distance
Cindy and I

window. Lovely I thought and the text from Cindy let me know she was just excited about running in it. I got picked up at 7:20am and we drove to the Juan De Fuca Park n’ Ride. When we got there Alf, Cindy’s Dad was waiting to take us to Sidney. We had one more stop to pick up Irina, who was running with us and is visiting from Denmark.

We arrived in Sidney and Alf said to us, “Are you sure you want to do this?” I think we all said “No” but we knew that we had to. Well, Irina and I didn’t because we weren’t training for anything but we were there for Cindy as much as for ourselves. It is just who we are and the lifestyle we all lead of being active.

Before we started out I was already shivering which is never a good sign but I was dressed for the weather the best that I could be. I had my iPod to help me if I needed to escape for a bit, I had a Gu for energy and caffeine and I had a bus ticket if I couldn’t make it. At 8:00am we headed down the road with a head wind and rain coming down. We were chatting and getting to know each other but 45 minutes in I put my iPod on and listened with only one ear bud. I wanted to still be able to chat but I also needed to hear some music.

We were running a 5:35/km pace and we kept that up for half the run but we must have been anxious to finish because were running around 5:31/km for the last half of the run. As we ran I would shake out my arms and loosen up my shoulders. No one ever says that running is a pretty sport and my funny looking shake like thing proved it today. Every once and awhile I would change my running for a few steps and I would almost do bum kicks. It made my legs feel better just to have the different movement. I even found I liked hills and felt good going up them. Funny to write that but  running on my toes and again the change in movement made me lower body feel better.

Nearing the 27km mark I though I was starting to fade. My legs were feeling heavy and I was mentally starting to think about them and not just one step in front of the other. Even moving my body differently was starting to not work as well. I began searching for songs on my iPod that I could get lost in and found Avril Lavigne’s song Here’s to Never Growing Up. I just started singing and it was helping me.

As we neared the end of our run I started breaking down the ‘sections’ of the Galloping Goose. We only had two more left and the little

I did it! Now to rest!
I did it! Now to rest!

section of road before the parking lot. YAY! We were so close and we were both still going considering neither of us had ever run this far before.

As we reached the traffic light on Old Island Highway we stopped with dead legs and the thought of starting to run again when the little white man appeared for us to cross seemed awful. But to my surprise I felt pretty good as we ran to the car and stopped. The little break must have been what I needed.

32km in the pouring down rain. Check! We gave each other a hug and were happy we both completed it.

Cindy is doing this run for herself but she is also doing it for her Dad, Alf who has Parkinson’s Disease. She and her teammate Allison have been doing various fundraisers and they each have reached their goal for fundraising. I noticed on the website that they are both top fundraisers for 2013. Way to go ladies!

What are you training for? Have you helped a friend get through a long distance training run?


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