Warm morning for a run

Today was a running morning and it was a great one for it. The rain had stopped and the sky was grey but you could tell it was trying to clear up.

I left my house in a tee shirt and my Lululemon running capris. I had brought my arm bands downstairs just in case but when I opened the door I was happy to feel ‘warmth’ and didn’t have to wear them. Now when I say warmth I don’t mean it was super warm but I knew that once I started to run I wouldn’t be cold.

I had decided that I was going to run Bear Mountain because it had been awhile since I had done it. I headed down Millstream Road with my trusty headlamp lighting my way. I love wearing it now and running in the dark is like exploring a whole new world to me because I never used to run with one. Such a small thing that makes a big difference.

I had my tunes, my legs felt good and I was in my happy place. I reached the top of Bear Mountain a half hour after I left home. I had planned to run for an hour and since I am not a fan of out and backs I headed through a side road and weaved my way back towards home. 

By the time I reached the over pass towards home I could see the sun shining through the clouds and lighting them up with orange. I could have just stayed and watched them but a shower and getting to work were a must. I had completed 12k and felt good. Hopefully this weekend will be sunny and I can run and watch the sky for longer.

How did you start your morning?

This wasn't the sky this morning but one Warren and I saw in Ucluelet a few years ago.
This wasn’t the sky this morning but one Warren and I saw in Ucluelet a few years ago.



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