2014 Bluenose Marathon?

My Nan...she is the best!
My Nan…she is the best!

I grew up in a little town called Aylesford in Nova Scotia. I have always been an active person because my Nan (grandmother) always had my sister and I doing something that made us move. We would spend our days playing outside and playing Nintendo was a privilege if we got our homework done. From age three Nan has us going to Kinderskills, swimming and skating lessons. I used to figure skate before I started playing Ringette in grade three. I was on summer softball teams and Nan tried to help bring out my musical side by putting me into Music For Young Children and a choir. But as we can hear today my musical side never developed like it could have but I enjoy trying.

We grew up in an old farm-house on Highway 22. It is an old back road you can drive as slow as you want to get from one destination to the next. If you wanted to arrive quicker you could drive on Highway 101 where the speed limit is 100km/hour. Town was always a car ride away so if my sister and I wanted to use our two dollar allowance that we would get from our Grampy to get a treat from the corner store we had to ride our bikes.  The bike ride around the “block” as my sister and I would call it was a big ride now that I map it out but we didn’t know it then. Our biggest concern at the time was which hill did we want to ride back up coming home as It was up hill in both directions.

Map of our bike around the block
Map of our bike around the block

So, why am I telling you all of this? Well, as you may have noticed when I mentioned being active I didn’t mention anything about running cross-country, track or just say that I would go for a run. Running wasn’t what I did unless it was around the bases of the baseball field or when I played soccer. I didn’t enjoy running and it wasn’t until I got older and lived in Halifax that I started to run. (Read here.)

After running with Cindy on Sunday and seeing that I can run past 25km I have decided that I want to run a marathon but I want to run it somewhere outside of Victoria, BC. I would like to have my run take place in May 2014 so I started searching for upcoming marathons taking place then. I found a site called Marathon Calendar that you can search for races anywhere in the world. I had never used the site before but found it very useful and quite neat.

As I searched for races in Canada I started seeing many runs of various lengths that take place in Nova Scotia and some are close to where I grew up. Since I only started to run a year or so before I left Halifax, I find it interesting to see all the runs that I could have taken part in if that was what I did. For example the Valley Harvest Marathon takes place in Wolfville at Acadia University and I lived close by.

So, I am considering having my destination run be the Bluenose Marathon that takes place on Sunday, May 18, 2014 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I haven’t been back for a visit since 2009 and I like the thoughts of running in an area I haven’t run in a long time and or have never ran before. I would also have my friends and family around to cheer me on along the way. Seeing a familiar face or even a random stranger rooting for you along the way is one of the best pick me ups a runner can have. If they can make you forget about the discomfort you could be feeling for a short time than is perfect. I personally find I get a second wind and it keeps me going.

My Nan has been my biggest fan and support system since I was a kid. She has cheered me on through everything I have ever done and I am happy for that even now as an adult. So, knowing that she would be at the end of the marathon when I finish is something that I would like to have be part of my experience. So, to those of you in Nova Scotia reading this blog stand by for more details to come.

Have you ever gone back to your home town to run a marathon? Or where have you travelled before for a destination run?


12 thoughts on “2014 Bluenose Marathon?

  1. Awesome plan Kyla! Travel and running are my passion. My first trip to Victoria was to run the 2008 Royal Victoria Marathon- my first at age 50! As I ran along the return route past Beacon Hill Park I was studying the horizon thinking I might catch a glimpse of RRU. I was dreaming about coming back to go to school! I have since travelled to Dublin and Berlin to run their marathons. I cannot think of a better way to tour a city, get a feel for history or get to meet their people than to run a 42k loop through a new City. Oh and my school dream came true too.

    Oh the places you will go! (Dr. Suess)



    1. Thanks MA. I have never done anything like it before but I do know Halifax and the area. And by the sounds of it I have friends eager to come and cheer me on. One day I will venture to an unknown city and do a run. W and I have talked about doing that too when we go away on vacations.


      1. All the best on your new adventure and you did an awesome job with ur story,.. U may not remember me but I hung out with ur mom and live by u when u were on the 221.. we can do anything when we put our minds to it.. Having a strong presence in our lives makes a lot of difference, there r so many who never had that in their lives.. Roxann Ritchie


      2. Thank you Roxann.
        I remember your name and my Mom talking about you.
        I am going to give training and running it my all. I want to do the best that I can do.

        Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  2. Hi Kyla…..I have been thinking of also participating in the Marathon next May….I have some friends that go every year. Maybe our paths will cross….you have and will do great, at anything you attempt…..Good Luck…..hope to see you next year.


    1. Hi Linda,

      What distance do you typically run? I think you should do it but this is coming from someone who said they would never run one. 🙂 But you never know unless you try.

      I hope our paths do cross. I will be writing more about my training and such on my blog as I get ready. If we stay in touch we can see how each other is doing and make a plan to meet.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.


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