Unexpected Double Date

My-Chosen Pizza....mmm delish!
My-Chosen Pizza….mmm delish!

Last night before bed Warren asked me if I wanted to go for a ride on our mountain bikes on Friday after work? I had said sure because it had been some time since we had taken Mar and Cas out for a ride. I was excited at the thought and looking forward to it.

We left from home and headed down the Galloping Goose towards Metchosin. It was a nice way to

chat about our day and catch up while being active. We are planning to go record some of our application video for the Amazing Race Canada 2 tomorrow so we talked about some ideas. It was fun and it gets us excited about the thought of being on the show and what we would do.

As we made our way closer to My-Chosen Cafe I said to Warren “It’s too bad we aren’t riding on a summer evening and we could stop in for supper at My-Chosen Cafe and not worry about it being dark on our way home.” He said “We could have pizza at My-Chosen Pizza and just order one, eat it and then ride back.” Well, that was perfect…an unexpected double date.

We went in and ordered two pizzas: Mike’s Special for Warren and Chicago Style for me. We were told we would wait for a half hour and we were Ok with that. Then we saw the delivery guy come in and I said to Warren “We could ride our bikes home and have the pizza delivered to us.”  He was good with that and so we asked the guy we gave our order to if we could do that? He tried and we soon realized it was going to cause him more trouble than it was worth. We were both just hangry and we weren’t thinking of anything but food and we were complicating things. So, we stuck with our original plan and waited for the pizzas.

What pizza carried home on a bike looks like
What pizza carried home on a bike looks like

Once we got them we walked Mar and Cas up to the rock wall near My-Chosen Cafe and we sat in the parking lot with our pizza’s and ate them. They were super hot and delicious. We each had 3 pieces left so Warren put them into one box and carried them on the inside of his coat on his back.

We then rode home happy and enjoyed our random date night. We both said it was fun and sometimes the unplanned ones are the best.

Have you had an unplanned date night that ended up being a lot of fun?

4 thoughts on “Unexpected Double Date

  1. A very tasty looking pizza. My brother today, bought a large buffalo chicken wing thin crust pizza oozing with mouth savoring goodness. Nothing like grubbing down on comfort food after a day of activities!


    1. We used to have it that we had “Za night” at our house on Friday night’s but then we were losing the love of pizza so we changed it up.

      That pizza sounds delish. Comfort food is good on those cold days too.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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