Running for food

Last night before I went to bed I was starting to think that I was getting the cold that Warren and the rest of the people around me have had. I was dreading

Cindy and I
Cindy and I

that for many reasons but one reason was because I was meeting Cindy this morning for a run. We were running 24km but she and I were running the first 12km by ourselves. We were then meeting up with Kendra and her sister Erinn to run the last 12km together.

To my surprise I woke up feeling good and Cindy arrived at my house a little before 8:00am and we were off. We did a 2km warm up run and then started picking up the pace. We were both feeling good and the great sunny weather was perfect for our run. Cindy has run her last three training runs in the pouring down rain but as sweet as she is she isn’t made of sugar and she made it through.

We headed down Goldstream Avenue to Wale Road and then arrived at the Galloping Goose. We would be running on it for some time and it’s away from traffic. We met Kendra and Erinn on Interurban Road and Erinn had planned out the 14km route that we were going to run. Cindy realized as we running to meet them that the route was going to be longer than she needed to run for today but figured we would make it work.

Kendra and Cindy
Kendra and Cindy

As we ran along I got to know Erinn better since I had never met her before. Cindy and Kendra caught up and then we switched partners so to speak and I chatted with Kendra. We were running along the Glendale Trail and I had never run there before and I always like running in a new place.

As we were running along I was starting to fade and not long after Cindy piped up and said she was struggling as well. We were about 19km in, including or warm up run and we still have at least 5 or 6km left…maybe longer because I didn’t know where we were running to. Cindy then asked how much longer and Erinn let us know it wasn’t much farther. We ran to Durance Road and turned around.

We had run some hills on our way but I hadn’t been counting how many we had gone up and down. As we headed back Erinn let us know that there were four and I told Cindy that we could count the hills like we had for the parts for sections of the Galloping Goose the weekend before. So, away we went with one headphone in but it soon became both so we could through the run.

As Cindy and I ran along side by side and Erinn and Kendra in front of us chatting away, Cindy said “I am running until 24km on my watch and then stopping.” I was feeling more than Ok with that and followed her lead. Kendra and Erinn continued on and we walked until we caught up with them. They had stopped to wait for us and Cindy let them know they could keep running and we would catch up. I knew where to go so it was all good that way.

Kendra ran back after Erinn headed home and we then started a light jog to get to Cherries Breakfast Bistro. Once we arrived we did a quick stretch, away from the windows of the restaurant and then went inside to order. We were all so hungry and anxious to eat. I ordered an omelette with bacon, avocado and

My omelette with bacon, avocado and brie
My omelette with bacon, avocado and brie

brie and OH. MY! It was delicious. Kendra ordered her favorite Huevos Rancheros with extra chipotle hot sauce. She likes things spicy. Cindy had the breakfast wrap with fruit. Both of their meals looked good as well.

This run came to be because a few weeks ago on Facebook I found a recipe for chocolate peanut butter balls. It was convenient for Kendra and I that Cindy had a training run to do, so we invited ourselves along on her run.  We all have  a love of chocolate and peanut butter together and  big thank you to Cindy for all her work to coordinate all of us. Since I couldn’t run with the treat Warren brought them with him when he came to pick us up. (Thank you Warren.)

Chocolate Peanut Butter balls I made
Chocolate Peanut Butter balls I made

Cindy and I ended up running and walking 28km in total I am happy that I was able to be a part of the run because as the day has gone I now have a sore throat. Blah.

Overall we enjoyed the company of friends and catching up. We were out in the lovely sunshine and fresh air. And we ran for our love of breakfast and treats.

I run to eat…why do you run?


2 thoughts on “Running for food

  1. Your story is great. I love Cherries!! And one should only eat there after a 20+ k run. Wow.

    I can share another amazing eatery just off the Glendale Trail behind Elk Lake on Quayle Rd at the Glendale Gardens called Nourish Garden Bistro . The owners and staff are wonderful
    Nourish, Victoria, BC.

    They often have specials for cyclists and runners 2 for 1 on their amazing oat pancakes or eggs bene’s


    1. Hi Mary-Anne,

      Very true that you shouldn’t eat at Cherries all the time but you do deserve to have a treat day now and again. I believe it is all a balancing act.

      Warren and I have talked many times about going to Nourish and we have yet to get there. We will…perhaps on one of our next date nights. I don’t think they have the 2 for 1 special happening any more or at least not for the last few months. I follow them on Facebook. 🙂

      Hope your cross-fit is going well. 🙂



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