Monday, Gym Class, Fun

Today is Monday so that means that I take part in a gym class on my lunch break at work. I sometimes find it hard to go when it is cold or raining outside but my office is so close to the gym that there is no reason for me not to go.

When I arrived today I could hear someone playing basketball so I thought maybe the class wasn’t happening. I felt disappointed by that but thankfully it wasn’t. As I went around the curtain, that was pulled to separate the court from the gym equipment, I saw Kelly and Debbie. 

We started our warm up and more people began to trickle in. We were separated into groups of four and to start and we had to do lines the length of the gym. After we touched the gym floor from our last set of lines we had to run back and pick up one of the pieces of colored paper off the floor. We each had to have a different color when we ran back. The paper was placed on the floor so we could all see it and then we had to do 20 of each of the four things the first time round. Then we had to do ten of those same things for our second time round. Then another set of lines and we picked up another four pieces of paper. We did this three different times.


Things that we had to do were:

  • Seated squat with row using weights
  • Squat with jump squats
  • Cobra push-ups
  • Knee ups
  • Jumping Lunges
  • Chest press with towels (these were hard)
  • Push ups with T twists
  • and more…


It was a good combination of upper body and lower body exercises. I love the feeling of everything burning.

To finish off Kelly had us do some core exercises and stretching.

It is a good class and I am starting to get to know more people from around campus and some who don’t work at Royal Roads. We are all feeling more comfortable with each other and have started chatting more. I left the gym warm from my workout and felt ready to tackle my Monday afternoon at work.

What did you do on your lunch break today? 


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