Friday was my dream day job

Friday I had a flex day from work and in Canada it is Thanksgiving Day on Monday so I have a four day weekend. Typically on my flex days I love to go out for a big run and hike somewhere but yesterday I needed to have an easy day. I am running in a half marathon with Cindy on Sunday morning and want to have my legs ready to run.

So, instead of my typical adventure, I went on a long walk with my friend Heather who I hadn’t seen for a few years. We reconnected with each other a few weeks ago when we happened to both be at the same restaurant. Through email we made plans to meet up yesterday for a run/walk and then breakfast.

Beautiful sunrise from Heather's condo

I used to run with Heather one or two mornings a week before the gym opened at 6:00am. We have both since left the gym we used to meet at and she moved downtown. We just lost touch with each other but hopefully that doesn’t happen again and we keep connected.

We went for a walk all along Dallas Road and out to Ogden Point. It was a beautiful morning and it was nice to have an easy day and still be outside enjoying it. Time flew by as we chatted and I didn’t even realize we had been out for almost two hours.

Heather had recommended that we go to Bubby’s Kitchen in Cook Street Village for breakfast. It was the first time I had been there and the food was pretty good.

Me at the end of Ogden Point

After breakfast Heather and I parted ways and I headed to get some groceries. I went home to be domestic and I baked up a storm. I made paleo pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, banana chocolate chip muffins, chocolate chip cookies and two pie crusts for pumpkin pie.

Mini pies I made with the second crust

I later picked Warren up from work and enjoyed a quiet evening at home with him. It was a perfect day and it helped me to realize what I would really like to do day in and day out.

My dream day job would be to spend some of my morning being active and fit for my own health and sanity. Then I would like to help other people achieve their health goals by helping them get fit through a boot camp type workout or even just taking them on hikes, runs and walks. Next I would like to be able to blog about my day and have lots of people read about it and be inspired by me from afar if they aren’t in Victoria. And lastly I would like to stay home and be able to bake and cook delicious food for Warren and I each day.

What would your dream job be or dream day be like? Or are you already doing it?

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