Thanksgiving Day cruise

Warren riding along on Cas
Warren riding along on Cas

Today is a beautiful day in Victoria and Warren and I wanted to be outside making the most of it.

This morning Warren suggested taking Mar and Cas out for a ride to Sooke along the Galloping Goose. We have been talking about doing the ride since the summer and today was the perfect day for it.  We left the house a little after 11:00am and I had packed us each a muffin that I had made on Friday. I knew we would need some kind of snack where it was soon lunch time.

I started out wearing mittens but about forty minutes into the ride I took them off. It was warm and refreshing all at the same time. We saw lots of people out riding their bikes and their horses. We also saw lots of people walking their dogs and just being out with friends which was nice to see.

The trail had leaves on it and it was pretty to ride through them and hear the crinkle of them under our tires. They reminded me of my childhood when my sister and I used to rake up the leaves from the tree in our front yard. We would then lay down and one of us would cover the other with leaves. I remember our faces were the last thing get covered so we could still breath while the rest of our body was being covered. It was a good memory that made me smile.

Our ride today wasn’t about going fast but just about being together. We chatted about things we would like to do in life and also started to think about things to do with my family when they come for Christmas. It was nice to have the time to talk and not be distracted by things. It was all about just Warren and I.

Matheson Lake
Matheson Lake


As we rode by Matheson Lake we were getting hungry and I saw a bench on the edge of the trail in the sun. We made a pit stop and we each had some of our muffins. The view was so pretty and the water was so calm that I could have stayed there awhile.

At various points we came to some valley’s in the trail. I haven’t done a lot of uphill or downhill riding on Mar so I wasn’t sure what he could do. I am still getting used to the gears so, on my first uphill I was uncertain if I was going to make it and a few times my back tire would slide. It worried me and I found myself saying “Please make it up. Please make it up.”  When I reached the top I asked Warren what gear I should be to make it easier? His advice was good and helped me. I got quiet excited at the fact that I made it up the hill sitting because I had been standing before. Warren told me I was using the ‘Granny gear’ but I was ok with that. Better than not making it and pushing my bike or falling over on the attempt to get up the hill.

We didn’t have a certain place to stop or turn around but decided that we would ride until

Loving the sunny day!
Loving the sunny day!

our butts started to get sore. That was about an hour and a half into the ride and we turned around. We arrived home three hours later with tired legs after riding for 49km. It was a fun way to spend our Thanksgiving Day.

What did you do for Thanksgiving Day?


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