Early morning date

A few weeks ago when Amanda and I were out for a walk at lunch I mentioned to her that we should ride to work together one day. We live pretty much next door to each other and we both work at Royal Roads University so the commute would be a good way to catch up. This morning Amanda text me to let me know she was riding to work and we made plans to meet at the bottom of her driveway.

As Huli and I left the house I could see the sky was pink and already so beautiful. I knew the sunrise was going to be amazing and wished at that moment I could be at work, near the water seeing it.

The first glimpse of the sky before our ride
The first glimpse of the sky before our ride

As we rode along we chatted and admired the sky. Then as we arrived on campus and went down the hill I said “Hello Beautiful!” and was referring to the view across the water. Amanda then said “I bet most people don’t say that when they go to work.” I agreed and I’m pretty sure they don’t.

Amanda and I work in different buildings on campus so after a quick picture for this post, she and I parted ways.

Amanda and I
Amanda and I

I knew I had a few minutes before I had to be in the office so Huli and I headed to the Lagoon located at the bottom of campus. I got excited just going down the road because I could see the sky reflection of the sun on the houses.

the Lagoon
the Lagoon

I arrived at the Lagoon with a huge smile on my face. I was in my happy place with Huli.

Two of my favorite things...Huli and a sunrise
Two of my favorite things…Huli and a sunrise

Riding to work with Amanda and catching a beautiful sunrise was a great way to start my Tuesday morning. How did your Tuesday morning start out?


4 thoughts on “Early morning date

    1. Thanks Jamie. I have to agree and love it here.

      I mentioned to Warren the other day that I think it would be great to meet other bloggers. I read all about their lives and feel like I know them. So, if you are ever in the Victoria area and want a tour guide just let me know. I would like to meet you and happy to show you around. 🙂


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