I made the first step to my dream job

So, for a while now I have been asking myself the question “What do I want to do when I grow up?”

I have thought about going to back school and taking something that would make me wiser but what would that be?

I had already tired Community College and University for one year right after I graduated High School. Then as I got older I decided I needed more and successfully completed the Executive Office Assistant Diploma at CompuCollege. But now I find I am wanting more again.

When I went to University I started studying Kinesiology and I finished one year but due to complications with getting my student loan I didn’t finish. My plan though was to be a physical education teacher because I loved being active and wanted to teach others. I also had two active role models growing up that inspired me.

Al, was my Kinderskills instructor when I was younger and he was studying to be a physical education teacher. I wanted to do what he did. It looked like he had fun and was doing something he loved. Then in grade three I met Marlene. She was my teacher in school and was also my Ringette Coach for close to fifteen years. She was always encouraging me to do my best and work hard.

I have on and off for the few years thought about studying to be a personal trainer but never committed to doing it. My main reason was because I thought it would take away my love of going to the gym and working out. That probably sounds weird but I thought if I had to help people each day I wouldn’t want to do my own workout.

I have been thinking differently lately and yesterday when I was on a walk with Kellie-Ann she flipped the switch in me so to speak. We were talking about her starting the “Couch to 5km” program and I mentioned how I have been a run leader for the Frontrunners clinics before. She then said “Well, I should just pay to teach me.” I have been told that before by many friends but her saying it triggered me.

When I saw Warren last night after work I told him I was going to actively start looking into more details about becoming a personal trainer and today I took the first step.  I registered myself with an account through The Registry of Fitness Professionals. Next up looks like I have to take the Fitness Theory Exam and then I will have to get my CPR and First Aid. I have to do some more homework to figure out how I go about doing all of these things but I am making it my goal to learn more and get myself started doing something I love.


If you have any tips to share with me about becoming a personal trainer I would love to hear them. What is your most rewarding part of the “job”?

9 thoughts on “I made the first step to my dream job

  1. good for you! if i could turn back time i would absolutely do something in fitness/health…so wonderful to pursue something that you are passionate about! looking forward to reading about your journey.


    1. Thanks Cindy. It is never too late to do something you love.

      I was like a kid at Christmas this morning as I started looking into more details. I got excited just about signing up for my CPR and First Aid course. ha


  2. SO awesome! This sounds like a great goal! Funny, I’ve been having these thoughts lately as well (shifting career direction, that is…). You’ve made me think about taking some steps, or at least doing some more exploring…thanks! 🙂



    1. Thanks a lot. I am pretty excited myself. It feels good.

      Happy I can make you think about doing something different as well.

      I think it will help learn more about fitness and what I love to do and I will also be able to help others achieve their goals or motivate them.

      Good luck! 🙂


      1. Good luck to you, as well! You can tell fitness is something you’re passionate about- from reading many of your posts. Sounds like a great fit! 🙂

        Happy weekend-


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