Stair motivation

When I woke up yesterday I think I was still feeling a bit of my turkey hangover from Sunday night’s Thanksgiving dinner. I was a bit slow

"The leaves are falling" he said...
“The leaves are falling” he said…

moving so I asked Warren if he wanted to go do a stair workout after work. He doesn’t go with me in the mornings when I go to the stairs because he doesn’t have a head light but the bigger reason is because he isn’t a fan of early mornings.

Warren said he would go and before he left for work said “I’m excited to do the stairs tonight.” That made me happy and I was also looking forward to it because it has been a few weeks since we have worked out together. We motivate each other and it is a good thing.

When we arrived at the stairs I asked Warren how long he wanted to be there for. I was thinking 40 minutes and he then said the same. I set my watch for an 1:40 minutes because I was planning on running home after we did the stairs. I wasn’t sure how long the run would be so I gave myself an hour.

When Warren got me from work and I asked him how he was doing he mentioned that he was a bit tired. As we walked the path that leads to the stairs we had our iPods on. The first song that came on mine was a good one and got me energized. Since there wasn’t anyone around I started dancing up the path instead of walking. It was making us both laugh and I was glad for that because I was hoping it would distract him from thinking about being tired.

I set 12 rocks on the log and we were off. As we were on the stairs we met a few people walking up the stairs but they never came back down. One lady asked me “How many stairs are there?” and I told her “169 in one direction.” She looked at me in shock…guess it was her first time there.

We finished up our workout and headed towards the car. I took off running and met Warren at home. The run home was a little slow as my legs were tired and it was a little over 5k. I felt happy that I had done it and will plan to do the same another time when I do the stairs in the evening.

Do you workout with your partner? Have you ever done something silly to distract them before a workout?


2 thoughts on “Stair motivation

    1. Hi Cindy, Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have you done these stairs? I really like them. If you are from Victoria we should meet sometime and share favorite places we like to workout.

      Have a great evening.



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