Passing Cars

Warren typically drives to work but today I needed the car because I had an appointment down town. I was supposed to get a cortisone shot for the impingement in my shoulder but it ended up being a dextrose shot. Not sure why he made the change and it wasn’t until I went to pay for the shot that I found out. That was another thing I didn’t know I had to do. I was nervous going to the appointment because I don’t like needles and I had heard that they hurt. It ended up not being that bad thankfully.

Entrance to Naden Military Base
Entrance to Naden Military Base

On days when I use the car I change-up my running route a bit and run to Warren’s work. He works at Naden which is the military base in Esquimalt. I have done this a few times and it is a nice change from running around our neighborhood.

It was a foggy morning again but it didn’t feel as crisp as it did yesterday. I headed out the door around 6:15am and I thought I was going to be running a longer route than I usually do to get there. I mapped both of my routes using Map My Run I found out there really isn’t that much of a difference. I typically will run part of the Galloping Goose but since it is dark now in the morning I don’t like to run on it.  I am sure it is safe enough and I do have my headlight but there is still something about it. So, I headed down the main roads and felt better.

As I reached Craigflower Road the traffic started to get busier with people making their way to work. I’m pretty sure the majority were headed to the same place I was.  I was feeling pretty good and cruising along listening to my tunes. Every once and awhile as the vehicles slowed down for the lights I would play a game with them, (even though they didn’t know it), to see how far past them I could get before they passed me again.

As I got closer to the base I started to look for Warren going by me in our car. I remember when I first started doing this run I would tell him to look for me and see if I motioned to him that I wanted to be picked up. Now he knows to just drive by me and that I will meet him in the parking lot to get the car key. There is always the dreaded hill on Admirals Road that is small but hard near the end of my run. What gets me through it now is remembering one time there was a cyclist riding up it and I passed him running. That was a feel good moment.

Today I arrived at the base before Warren did so I kept running to the end of Admirals Road and turned around at lights. When I got back to the gate he had parked and had just arrived a minute or two before. I drove him to his office and then headed to work to get ready for the day.

It was a nice 11k run in 55 min and an enjoyable way to start my Friday.

How did your Friday start?


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