No time restricted wanderings

Yesterday and today were days about Warren and I. We had coffee and cereal in bed, which is something we never do and we watched one our recorded TV shows.

I then got up, did dishes and got myself ready for a run. I had chilled long enough and I wanted to get outside before I got too lazy. I tried


to encourage Warren to come with me running but he wasn’t coming along. Before I left I had been trying to figure out where I wanted to run and had various routes going through my head but as I left the house I still wasn’t sure.

I made my way towards Jacklin Road and was thought about running up Triangle Mountain. It would be a good challenge for me and help get me ready for Bear Mountain 10km race I am doing on November 16th. As I ran up the small hill to Sooke Road I soon decided that because my legs felt tired after just doing a small hill that they would not do well on a larger and longer climb. I continued along Sooke Road and was still thinking about where to run. I had set an hour and thirty minutes on my watch and if I wanted to run longer I could but so far I had only been running about twenty minutes.

As I reached Colwood Corners I decided that I would run along the Galloping Goose and then head up Atkins Road. That would mean a gradual hill climb to the top but it would be the last bit of my run and a good push. Then as I reached the road I decided I wasn’t ready to go home yet. I was feeling good and enjoying my run. I just wanted to keep going and I didn’t have anything I needed to be home for so I figured I would just go with it. “Run when your body feels like running” I thought to myself.

I ran to the end of the Galloping Goose and headed towards Thetis Lake. I thought about going around the whole lake but then just decided I would end my run on a good note and head towards home. I ran the part of the trail that takes you towards Phelps Road and then made my way to Treanor and then back to Millstream Road to home. An hour and fifteen minutes later and 14.5km I was done. I felt great and just had a day where time restrictions and obligations weren’t a factor. It was perfect.

Inner Harbor
Inner Harbor

I then got showered and we headed to run a few errand before we heading downtown for our “staycation”. We checked into the Hotel Grand Pacific and they told us we had been upgraded to a room on the tenth floor. It had a nice view of the inner harbor and the Legislative Building. We then went to wander around some of the shops, grabbed a coffee and just enjoyed being a tourist in our hometown.

Our dinner reservation was for 6:30pm at the Blue Crab Restaurant. I had never eaten there before and it had been a long time ago since Warren had. I was looking forward to it and it was a short walk away. We had a seat by the window and it looked over the water. The food was delicious and the setting was nice. We talked and just enjoyed our surroundings.

Legislative Building and the Hotel Grand Pacific
Legislative Building and the Hotel Grand Pacific

After supper we headed back to the hotel for dessert and there was a jazz singer in the lounge performing. We listened to a few of her songs and then went back to our room. Most people probably would have made the most of being downtown and close to things but we enjoy quiet evenings for the most part. Last night we just felt like relaxing and our idea of enjoyment was to go back and watch HGTV. We don’t get that channel at home now but we used to. We had a good laugh at ourselves because we realized that it is typical of us when we go to stay in a hotel to watch that channel. We enjoy the renovation of homes, how couples search for the perfect home and just seeing the different areas they look for them around the world. One couple from one of the shows was actually from Halifax, NS and were moving to Malta.

Lucky curled up on my lap
Lucky curled up on my lap 

This morning we slept on and off until 7:00am and that is late for us. We didn’t have little kiddos waking us to be fed so that was nice but I did miss them. They were happy to see us when we got home and I have Lucky curled up on my lap now as I write.

Warren's Strawberry Waffle from Cora's
Warren’s Strawberry Waffle from Cora’s








We went for breakfast at Cora’s and then went to see the new public market in the Hudson Building. It was  a cool morning but nice to just wander. The weekend was perfect and we both enjoyed ourselves very much.

Have you “staycationed” in your own town lately? If so, what did you do?


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